Tiger’s Path

Let me get one thing out there from the beginning of this post.  Tiger Woods is my guy.  I was 12 when he lapped the field in the 1997 Masters and have been hooked since.  I always pull for him.  Sure, he does some things that I don’t like.  I wish he would interact with fans more and swear less on the course.  I believe these things because doing so would add to his already large following.

I still watch golf and enjoy it when he is not winning because I love the game.  There are great players today including Rory, Rickie, Jordan, and many more.  I enjoy all of those guys and I hope they continue to bring younger players to the game.

I want to talk about where I see Tiger’s career going.  I want to preface my view with the hope that I am totally wrong.  The swing/philosophy Sean Foley is teaching him is not conducive to breaking Jack’s record.  It has resulted in a mechanical looking swing that cannot get the ball in the fairway with the driver.  I would love to see the unlikely scenario that would result in Tiger going back to Butch.  I know this will never happen due to egos and human nature, but I would take anything that results in moving on from Foley.  I do want to caution that this is not an attack on Foley at all.  His methods have worked very well for Justin Rose and Hunter Mahan.  I just see the way that Foley and Tiger think as being different.  Tiger seems to play his best when he is hitting golf shots and not rehearsing overdone swing paths on the tee.  Heck, even his chipping has gone downhill for what reason I cannot figure.

With the way guys are playing today with long, accurate tee shots, Tiger needs to find a way to reconnect with the driver.  I don’t see him being able to win numerous majors with woods and irons off the tee.  Can he win one or two?  Absolutely, but he is currently giving up too much length forcing the rest of his game to be perfect.  He is not killing the par 5’s enough like days past.

I hope he can prove me wrong.  He is the greatest player I have ever seen.  I think he plays against deeper fields and has been great for so long.  I take great pleasure in watching him win and dominate and I hope he can get back to hoisting major championship trophies.

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Tiger’s Path

  1. Jimmy

    You have an view of Tiger Woods that many have. Personally, I am not sure he will ever regain his form of 10 years ago. However, he is great for the golfing industry and fun to watch. I do not think he will beat Jack’s Major Record, however, there will be plenty of pundits who will be getting tired jumping on and off the bandwagon!


  2. I agree! I think it is unreasonable to think he would regain the form of 10 years ago just due to natural progression. I hope he gives the record some chase and I think it would be fitting if he tied it. I love watching him when he is playing well.

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