True Linkswear Sensei

I wanted to throw you guys a curve ball with this post.  I haven’t done any posts on equipment or apparel to date.  I am not one to change things quickly or get too excited about any one piece of merchandise.  There is, however, one item in my golf arsenal that I am truly passionate about aside from my putter.  Behold, the True Linkswear Sensei!


I want to start my review by saying that I have no affiliation or partnership with True Linkswear.  I just love the shoes.  Now that I have gotten that piece of information out of the way, let’s get to the shoes.

These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, point blank period.  That includes tennis shoes (sneakers, depending on where you’re from) and flip flops.  They are soft around the heel leaving virtually no possibility of blisters.  They have an extra-wide toe box which was huge for me.  That particular feature allows my toes to spread out and not feel constricted at all.  There is also no restriction throughout the middle of the foot.  The shoes are incredibly breathable and keep the feet cool.  The only downside with the Sensei line is that they soak through when wet.  Fortunately, True Linkswear seems to have remedied this issue with some of their new lines.

I don’t get to walk anywhere near as much as I would like to when playing at home.  That is one of the downsides to playing a lot of public golf.  However, now that I am on this Top 100 quest I am getting to play more walking only courses and my Trues are critical to making it the most enjoyable experience possible.  I played Bethpage Black about a month ago and it lived up to its reputation of being a demanding walk.  I can’t imagine having to walk it without these shoes.  My feet were comfortable all day and allowed me to fully enjoy the course.

Do yourself a favor and try out some of the shoes True Linkswear offers.  The Sensei is currently on sale!


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