Master’s Picks

I haven’t had a lot of time to do research for my Master’s picks, but hey my blog didn’t exist during the tournament last year so I have no negative vibes.

I am going with a select group that I think can take the tournament this year.  Bubba Watson, Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth, and Jason Day are my foursome.  I believe the winner comes out of that group.

Bubba and Rory don’t need much explanation.  The course is tailor-made for Bubba and Rory is the world number one and every course will suit him.  If his putting is on, he will be in contention.

Jason Day has played well at Augusta for several years now and he has a win this year.  I like his form heading into the tournament.  He has as good a chance as the other three to win his first major.  He is imaginative around the greens and if his putter his on, watch out.

That leaves us with Mr. Spieth.  He is playing phenomenal right now even though he couldn’t get the win in Houston yesterday.  I like hit grittiness and ability to make putts from everywhere.  I wish he hit the ball a little farther, but he has got to be listed as a top pick this week.

Finally, I will give you a bit of a dark horse.  Paul Casey.  I think he is playing well and he has had some success around The National.  Once again, like all the others it depends on his putting.

The Masters is always a fun tournament and always a special time for me.  I have been lucky to attend parts of the tournament five times.  It is one of the few sporting venues that lives up to the hype and it really exceeds the hype.  Now that I work so hard during tax season, the tournament marks the end of a tough stretch of the year.  I can watch the tournament and get jacked about getting back on the course more regularly.  These picks could crash and burn, but the tournament will be a joy to watch as always.  Enjoy a wonderful spring tradition, The Masters!


8 thoughts on “Master’s Picks

  1. Great picks. I predicted Spieth a few weeks back and I’m sticking with him. I think the playoff loss at the Shell is really going to fuel his fire. Whatever happens, as you said, it’s always a joy to watch. Can’t wait!!


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