Jordan’s Win

I wanted to wait a week to let it all sink in.  Jordan Spieth’s win at The Masters was spectacular.  It was a virtuoso effort, especially on and around the greens.  In addition, his distance control on the approach shots was nearly perfect.

As is their M.O., many publications declared this time as the Spieth era.  I hope, for golf, that he becomes a consistent rival for Rory McIlroy, but it may just be a bit early for that.  I certainly am pulling for him, but sometimes it is beneficial to just let events play out to see how things go.

I like Jordan a lot.  His public persona is very mature and respectful.  He seems to have a good head on his shoulders.  His family appears to keep him grounded.  He also has a great grasp of the history of the game.  So far, he hasn’t done anything to make me dislike him.  To that point, the fact that he honored his commitment to the RBC Heritage says a lot about him as a person.

I just don’t want to declare him the next Tiger Woods just yet.  Let’s see how the rest of the year goes.  One final point I wanted to discuss.  His Masters win will obviously be compared to Tiger’s in 1997.  I just don’t see them as being quite the same.  I have read many articles on the statistics of why, but the one item that really sticks out to me is the margin of victory.  Tiger won by 12 shots!  Also, there were far more players under par in 2015.  I don’t make these points to take anything away from Jordan’s win, I just think that sometimes we think the latest feat is the greatest.

I hope everyone enjoyed The Masters and is getting out to play some golf!


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