Golf Memorabilia

Golf memorabilia is not a universal thing.  Some people like it, others do not.  I am probably somewhere in the middle.  I do have a few pieces I am proud of though.

I mentioned the signed golf balls I have in my golf ball collection a few weeks ago.  I enjoyed the experiences that led to these signatures.  The golf balls are pleasant reminders of wonderful experiences in this great game.

My other piece is a golf magazine from 2009 trumpeting Phil Mickelson as the Tour Champ and Tiger Woods as the FedEx Cup Champ.  It is signed by the both of them.  It’s a really cool picture I got at a charity auction.

The rest of the house has various posters and magazines all unsigned.  Do you love memorabilia?  What are some of your prized pieces?


4 thoughts on “Golf Memorabilia

  1. Jimmy,

    I don’t have much for memorabilia at this point, mostly just personal stuff that I have saved over the years. Like my ball from my first eagle as a kid, and some old hickory shafted clubs from my Grandpa.


  2. Jimmy,

    I have some interesting stuff. I have two towels from The Open Championship, a putter specially made for me by my Mom, and some other stuff dear to me. I like some golf memorabilia if it has an experienced attached.


  3. Aloha Jimmy,

    At first I didn’t think I had any and began to reply ‘no’. But then I realized that I have lots of memorabilia – the stories and pictures I post on my blog. They can readily pull up memories of great times on the courses. Thank you for making me realize that.

    A Hui Hou,

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