U.S. Open Recap

It’s now been a week and I wanted to get my thoughts out on the 2015 version of the United States Open.

It was quite a tournament to say the least!  Let’s start with the golf course.  I think the course itself is fine, but the setup made it look worse than it is.  I am no proponent of wall to wall green, but from seeing pictures of the course before the tournament it looks a lot better than it did on TV.  That, I assume, is with normal water usage.  For the average golfer it a difficult test, but would normally not play anywhere near as hard as it did for the Open.  I say we should judge the course on the other 51 weeks of the year.

Now let’s talk about the tournament.  There was some great golf played by many players.  Sunday provided huge drama with Rory making a charge before eventually fading.  Jordan Spieth and Dustin Johnson played the best out of anybody obviously and it came down to them.

Dustin is taking a lot of heat for three-putting the last hole, but that is just looking at the end result.  You can play what-if with a tournament all the way back to the first hole on Thursday.  Think about this, what if Jordan doesn’t make an inexplicable double at 17?  Dustin would have needed an albatross to tie.  Should he have two-putted?  Yes of course, but he was lucky to have that chance to win.

I believe Dustin will win at least one major.  He is just too good and too talented.  He will continue to give himself chances and will eventually break through.  That could come as soon as the Open Championship next month.

Let’s end with Fox’s coverage of the tournament.  I am pretty sure the internet agrees with me that it could have been better.  There was too much talking being viewed and not enough live golf.  I don’t care who is babbling as long as I can see live golf.  Fix that issue immediately!  Curt Menefee struggled in his role.  I hope he can work through some of those issues and improve.  I would say the same about Joe Buck.  Hopefully, after a few tries they can get into a groove and bring us the type of coverage we desire.

Bottom line is that we got a great winner in Jordan Spieth who has an opportunity to capture the third leg of the Grand Slam!


5 thoughts on “U.S. Open Recap

  1. Jimmy,

    Good summary write up. DJ just flat out choked on #18. The good news is that everyone who ever played the game has choked at one point in time. Bad timing for DJ, though. Agreed on the Fox coverage although they did a better job this weekend on the US Senior Open. Maybe they’ll get it after a few tries.



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