The Quest

I have made some good progress on my quest to play the Top 100 courses so far this year.  I will be close to shutting it down for the rest of the year in regards to the Top 100.  A good number are getting close to if not already closing down.

Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of courses I have left to play.  The actual number remaining is 200!  This can be a little disheartening since a great number of them are private.  When I get feeling this way, I just think about all the people I have met in the game.

It is these wonderful people that keep me optimistic about the quest.  I know they are pulling for me and I know I will meet more great people.  The game is filled with awesome people and I look forward to meeting them as I play some of the best courses in the country.

If you are in a place with a serious winter, I hope you can find ways to stay connected to the game.  For those of us that are lucky to play all year, don’t take it for granted!  Have a good week everyone and Go Tigers!


3 thoughts on “The Quest

  1. Jimmy,

    Keep plugging man! You didn’t start this endeavor because it was going to be easy. Just remember to enjoy the ride. If I were a member at Cypress or Augusta, I would totally invite you, haha.


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