A couple weeks ago I extolled the virtues of #GolfChat.  This week I am going to speak on another digital platform for growing the game.

This week we are talking about GolfMatch!  What is that you say?  It is an app for your phone (iOS or Android).  It has a wealth of features that I will detail shortly.  Full disclosure, I am an ambassador for this app along with many other great people.  It is in its infancy, but it has seen exponential growth under the leadership of Peter Kratsios.  I am sure there are even more people behind the scenes that I don’t know about.

What the app does:

  • Golf Feed – This shows you posts of people in the GolfMatch network.  It includes photos and text.
  • Matches – The backbone of the app where you can see matches that have spots available or create your own to meet up with fellow golfers.
  • Groups – Join like-minded golfers in many different kinds of themed groups.  Examples include South Carolina Golfers, Golf Fitness Discussion Group, and Couples
  • Discover – Here you can find golfers and courses alike!
  • Profile – You can give name, preferably a picture, gender, location, home course(s), average score, industry, preferred play styles (i.e. competitive, friendly, etc.).  This space will also give you notifications and summaries of other activity.

That gives you the general idea of what goes into the app.  It is really easy to use and I would suggest getting the app as soon as you can!  You can also check them out on Instagram (golfmatchapp), Twitter (@GolfMatchApp), and Facebook (GolfMatch).  Give it a try!


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