My friend over at #GolfChat, Zeb Welborn mentioned something cool to me.  He has become involved with REALiTEE Golf which is described as a new concept in indoor golf.  They introduced their product to the Golf Industry Show in San Diego this past week.

So what is it?  Founded by Dave Shultz, It is the blending of simulation and live golf indoors.  The long game is simulated, while the short game is live play.  In addition, the mission is to include as many people in the game as possible.  It hopes to serve as a haven for new golfers, women, and children.

The beauty of this model per their website is that there are new revenue streams created through events, a faster way to play if you need it, and new tournament formats for newcomers.

They have landed a partnership with Robert Trent Jones II to design the live play sections of the facilities.

I am excited to follow their development.  I hope to see the model take off.  Anything that can get new golfers connected to the game is ok in my book.  Check them out at or on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Be on the lookout for more course tours coming soon!  I haven’t been neglecting you, I just had some good information to get out there to my readers.  Enjoy!



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