Social Media Engagement

Today’s post is a little bit of a change up from what I usually talk about.  I wanted to discuss my social media engagement in regards to the blog.  Basically, what is my strategy (do I have one?) and what am I trying to accomplish in social media.  Let’s get right into it.

My overall strategy is to promote this blog and as a result of that share my travels and thoughts.  As my readers know, this is primarily a site about playing the Top 100 courses in America, but it is really more than that.  I like to showcase other courses that will never sniff the Top 100, but are great fun in their own right.  In addition, I hope the site can be a comprehensive guide to every course that I have played.  Ideally, if you read one of my course tours you will have a good idea of what you will get if you play that course.

Social media plays a prominent role in achieving the goals above.  I want to go over each platform and how I use it.  If you have comments or suggestions on how I can improve, please let me know.

  • Twitter – I have two Twitter accounts.  One personally and one for the blog.  I tweet all my posts on both accounts.  My personal Twitter is pretty active with golf being a subset of all that I tweet about (feel free to check it out here).  The blog’s Twitter is less active, but I try to post when I can and engage people there.  I do most of my #GolfChat work there!
  • Instagram – This is where I think I do my best stuff.  I post everything on one account.  You get mostly golf, which is a prime subject for this app.  Check that out here.
  • Facebook – A bit of a forgotten medium for some millenials, but I still add all my posts to my page.  I also add all of the photos from my course tours to albums as well.
  • LinkedIn – I add all my posts here.  That’s about it.
  • GolfMatch – I have posted about the app in a previous post, but I really enjpy it.  I have played an outing with fellow GM’ers and it was a great time.  I have recently begun adding my posts here and hope to engage with more people as time goes on.

So that is my engagement.  I have the links above and I also have links on the right side of my page at all times.  Come follow me on the journey.

To all my WordPress friends and other social media friends, thank you for the support.  I really appreciate it!


6 thoughts on “Social Media Engagement

  1. Jimmy

    I believe I follow you on all these social platforms. For those just dropping by, pick your way to follow this informative blog. You will not be disappointed! Keep the great articles coming, Jimmy!


  2. Jimmy,

    Sounds like a solid plan you have. I don’t think we were connected on Facebook, so I fixed that and gave you a like from my page. It has definitely been the forgotten medium for me, but more recently decided to start putting more time into it.


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