Masters 2016 Recap

Quite simply that was shocking.  That is all I can say about the 2016 Masters.  Congratulations to Danny Willett for a wonderful round of 67 and the win.  He played flawlessly all day and was more than deserving of the win.

That being said, I would be lying if I wrote that I would remember anything other than Spieth’s collapse.  The shot at 12 was quite simply inexplicable.  He said in his interview that it all came down to discipline.  That is way better than I could explain it.  He was in the driver’s seat going into the back nine and it all got away from him so quickly.

I think Jordan comes back from this stronger.  I hate to say that I agree with anything Brandel Chamblee says, but I did like what he said about Tom Watson at the 1978 PGA.  He went on to win five more majors and become one of the greats.  Hopefully this defeat will motivate Jordan even more than he already is.  He can be one of the greats.  He has had a chance in the last five majors, which is truly remarkable.

I was surprised by how some other players played.  Jason Day specifically was shocking.  Also, Rory just never seemed to be into it all week.  Dustin Johnson made a bit of a run, but putting let him down again.  Overall, it was a crazy tournament to watch.  The weather lifted for the last day and allowed for some scoring.  It produced one of the most ridiculous final rounds I have ever seen at the Masters.

See you next year!


4 thoughts on “Masters 2016 Recap

  1. Jimmy, I agree; Spieth will be back because mentally, he’s the toughest competitor out there. Plus, if you’re going to win a lot of majors, you’re going to finish 2nd a lot as well. Jack Nicklaus had 18 wins and 19 runner-ups. It was ugly for Jordan, but losing isn’t fun. Great theater though! Thanks,


  2. Great recap, I think Jordan is mentally strong and this will only make him stronger. I’m really looking forward to watching his career in the coming years. Question: a friend just sent me Brandel Chamblee’s new book. Why do you hate to agree with him? (I’m not that familiar with him at all, but am curious if his book will be helpful to me at all). Thanks!

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