2016 U.S. Open Picks

Let’s do some U.S. Open picks!

I am feeling a few guys.  Let’s say Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia, and Charley Hoffman.

Why, you ask, did I pick these guys?  Well, I think Spieth and Day are no-brainers.  I am picking them at every major until the don’t play well at them consistently.  Oh, you thought Spieth’s career was over?  Sorry, take that mess somewhere else.

You may be a little surprised at the others.  Dustin Johnson for one.  I know he had the heartbreak last year, but I think Oakmont could be a good spot for him.  He is a phenomenal driver of the golf ball.  I think he is flat line enough on the greens to let bad putts roll off his back.  Everyone is going to struggle putting here, but very few of them hit the ball like him.

As for Sergio and Charley, call them a hunch.  Sergio is a wonderful ball striker and when he is on is one of the best iron players in the world.  As for Charley, I just like his game.  Solid all around.

Oakmont is going to demand the best from its winner.  If the best players aren’t playing their best they probably won’t win.  You have to be playing complete golf here.  Could be one of these guys, could be the field.  Either way, I think we are in for an entertaining tournament.  Short of torrential rains softening the course I don’t see even or under par winning.  The winner shoots +3.


8 thoughts on “2016 U.S. Open Picks

  1. Jimmy, I have Day in this one for the obvious reasons. For a little gallows humor, let’s see how Ernie Els manages on these greens. Egad, could get ugly.



    1. Respectfully disagree on the last comment. I think Phil will have a 4 year stretch from ’18-’21 that will truly be his last chances. Shinny, Pebble, Winged Foot, and Torrey. Don’t seem him doing anything at Oakmont this year or Erin Hills next year.

      1. Criss

        It is all good. Open conversation is welcome at The Grateful Golfer. I just think that as he ages, it will be tougher to perform. I guess we will see tomorrow. The fans will be the real winners!


  2. Jimmy,

    I like your picks. Somebody who nobody is talking about it is Justin Rose. A good ball striker and proven U.S. Open pedigree. If you can call the 10th in the world ranking a sleeper, he’s my guy.


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