2016 British Open Wrap-Up

Wow, that is all I can think to start with.  It has been a week to let it sink in and I am so happy with the golf I witnessed at Royal Troon.  Congratulations to Henrik Stenson for a closing 63 that was truly spectacular.

I don’t know if that is the best final round ever, I don’t like to make those statements.  There is so much recency bias when it comes to this stuff.  Sometimes I just want people to appreciate what you are watching and just add it to your archives of great sporting achievements, but I digress.  Henrik was on all day.  He had a couple three-putts, but his iron game and other putts overcame that.  He was so dialed in and he was not going to be denied.  He was too good not to win a major and I am glad he got the job done.

I want to take a minute to tip my cap to Phil Mickelson.  He should walk away with no disappointment from this one.  He played stellar golf and just got beat by one of the all time closing rounds.  I mean his score would have won all but 4 Opens!  I am a Tiger guy, but if you don’t think Phil is one of the greatest players of all time then you are just crazy.

Also, good on the R&A for the setup of the course.  They showed that you don’t need ice rink greens and 7,500 yards to make a good tournament.  And if you take that as a shot at the USGA, then good, you are paying attention.  Oh, and the final group played in just under 4 hours!!!  How about that!

So thank you to Henrik, Phil, the R&A, and Royal Troon for a wonderful show.  Let’s see it again next year!


4 thoughts on “2016 British Open Wrap-Up

  1. Jimmy

    I agree. That was one of the best finals ever. Both players played to win and the real winners were the fans. I also agree with your R&A assessment, they did a great job. Setting a course up crazy tough is not the way to go.


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