A New #1

Now we have a new #1 golfer in Dustin Johnson.  Hopefully that is still the case when this gets posted.  The bigger question is what does this mean for the rest of the PGA Tour season.

In the most honest way I can say it, nothing at all really!  I think we are going to be waiting a while for the days of multiple years atop the World Golf Rankings a la Tiger Woods.  That statement may start the argument about depth of talent, difficulty of winning, and on down the line.  I don’t want to get into that.  Furthermore, my positive thoughts on Tiger have been documented.  He and Jack are the best of all time.  I’m giving it to them both.

Back to DJ.  I am not sure how long he will hold the top spot, but does it even matter who is #1?  The ranking is not a determining factor in who is going to win.  As a golf fan I just want to see the top players playing well at the same time.  It is a wish that is so rarely granted.

So in a month from now it may be Spieth, Rory, or Day again.  Who knows, but I want you to focus on one thing in professional golf.  Enjoying the talent!  The game is in good hands with these guys.

Tell me what you think.  Who is your #1?  Who would you like to see top the mountain?



8 thoughts on “A New #1

  1. I am not really concerned with who is the top dog (although I am not a Rory fan for some reason) but I really want to see stiff competition on a weekly basis. I want there to be 5-10 golfers who are battling and hate each other. Kind of like when Sergio and Tiger were talking trash. I realize it is a gentleman’s game but it is more interesting when there is no love lost between two or more players. I hate when someone has a 5 stroke lead, it just bores me to tears.


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