Gaining Exposure

What is the point of any website?  For mine, the main objective is to share all my thoughts about golf and my travels with all of you.

How can I do that better?  Exposure!!!  I watch the stats on my site and they are consistent.  Not great, but consistent.  I’m doing my best to increase the visibility of the site as much as possible.

I am doing this through Twitter and Facebook sure, but I find I am getting the most traction on Instagram.  I am seeing a lot of positive feedback on the 18 days series I am doing.  So far I have done Merion (East), Monterey Peninsula Country Club (Shore), and Boston Golf Club. If you haven’t followed me yet I hope you will consider it (check out the links on the right).

So if you have a website or blog, what are you doing to get eyeballs to your site?  What have you seen that works?  Sound off in the comments.


7 thoughts on “Gaining Exposure

  1. Jimmy

    I have a website,, as you know. Plus I us FB, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. I havve the most interaction on my website (averaging 300 views daily as of late) and Twitter. I believe they all provide a different service and reach a different crowd. All are important in their own way.


  2. Jim,

    It really is a grind isn’t it? I’m is largely the same boat as you are and I’ll admit that it’s been slow going although I don’t think that’s such a bad thing. As for some of the strategies I’ve used, Twitter has been a big one. Trying to tweet regularly and add to other discussions involving golf on Twitter has really helped me see a small bump in traffic around the blog in general. Besides that, starting to implement SEO into my posts has helped some of them get onto the first page of Google, which has resulted in a much larger level of traffic to those posts and, in turn, other posts through the related articles tabs on the bottom of my site. Just a couple of thoughts, I’m sure there’s many more if you’re interested in researching it further! Best of luck growing your site though!


  3. Jimmy,

    As you know I use Twitter, FB, and IG as well. When it’s primarily a solo operation I believe it’s important to not water down your focus by worrying about too many different things. I spend most of my time with Twitter and Instagram and less time with Facebook, where I mostly just share my recent posts. However, the content we’re trying to promote is the most important, so I always remind myself to never lose sight of that as the primary focus.


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