Brooks Was Here

Huge congrats to Brooks Koepka on winning the 2017 US Open!  He seized control in the home stretch and had a masterful performance.  That makes seven straight first-time winners in the major championships.  I was admittedly pulling for Rickie or JT, but I’m good with this outcome.

I think another big story was the golf course.  What did everyone think?  Personally, I don’t want to see -16 win the US Open.  I don’t want to protect Old Man Par at any cost, but I also don’t want to see it turn out like any other tournament.  That is what it felt like to me today, just another PGA Tour event.  I believe a few factors contributed to that.  The fairways were overly wide for a US Open, the course played soft, and barely anyone had played the course since October allowing for perfect greens.

Players had very little concern about putting and could go at a lot of pins.  Overall it was a fun tournament and I am happy for Brooks.  I’m not sure Erin Hills gets another shot at hosting, but I hope it gets to with firm conditions.  That would be the true measure of a very interesting course I hope to play very soon.


3 thoughts on “Brooks Was Here

  1. Jimmy

    I agree that the booming drives off the tee changed the nature of the US Open. However, I would suggest that Erin Hills was not to blame, the wet weather and lack of wind for the first 3 days is what really changed the outcome of this Major.

    I guess having tougher conditions would change the outcome, but for this weekend, the players got the better of the course instead of the other way around.


  2. Jimmy,

    I share your sentiment. Overall it was a good golf tournament, but it didn’t feel like a US Open. Tricky thing with Erin Hills is that one of the biggest defenses (at least at the professional level) is the wind which is typical there. Feels similar to The Open in that sense — if they score calm weather many of those courses are somewhat defenseless from Tour pros. The calm week and rain earlier really made it vulnerable. I prefer the classic US Open venues myself.


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