Eco-Friendly Golf Courses

I recently got an email espousing eco-friendly golf courses.  I am all for some environment preservation and keeping the earth as healthy as we can.  I’m sure the world would be a better place if more people took this view.  Anyway, personal beliefs aside the list was interesting.  You can check it out here.

Per the site, to get on the list, “The course needed to be GEO Certified® – an award given to courses by the Golf Environment Organization that meet certain standards in the areas of nature, energy, supply chain and pollution control. Next, every golf course we chose to feature is in a town that has a high recorded number of sunshine days each year and a good overall air quality rating from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), making it a great place to visit.”

I was happy to see three South Carolina properties on the list.  I have only played one, but it was Harbour Town.  And living here I know we have plenty of sunny days to qualify for that portion of the award.  I was also pumped to see the efforts they are making for sea turtles and reducing energy.  Check out the article for more details on what the other courses are doing to conserve energy.

The foundation of the game is giving back and these courses are doing that!


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