Wyre Titan Golf Ball Review

A little while ago I got an email from Hani at a golf ball company called Wyre.  I had never heard of Wyre so I was certainly intrigued.  After a bit of correspondence with them I had the ball you see in the picture below in my possession.

What is the story with this company you ask?  Wyre is a German based company that has operations throughout Europe and parts of the Middle East (mainly UAE).  They sell their balls exclusively online to keep the cost down for customers.

The founders state that they were frustrated when they lost multiple balls playing their local course.  They were beginning players and they found their thoughts were on losing a ball instead of their swing.  I’m all for not thinking about the swing, but don’t think about losing the ball guys!  But they had a solution and a business idea.  In addition to lower costs, Wyre targets teens and young adults with its marketing to make the game more approachable for all.  This is certainly a message I can get behind.

Now that you have the story you may want to know how the ball plays, am I right?  I got the Titan ball to test.  Per their website this ball is for players looking for accuracy, control, and plenty of bite.  The comps are the Titleist ProV1 and Taylormade Project a.  That’s pretty heady company.  They also offer the Genesis for slower swinging players looking for distance and the Atlas for players looking for an all around ball with distance and feel.

Golf ball feel is deeply personal.  I feel that golfers are particular about their ball like foodies are about barbecue or sushi.  For me, I’ve been pretty partial to one ball for most of my life with some dabbling here and there.  That being said, the three piece, urethane ball performed quite well.

I found the distance was very solid compared to the other top of the line balls I’ve played.  The ball had a good trajectory and didn’t balloon at all.  That is good for me because I tend to get the ball too much in the air.  Where every good ball sets itself apart is at the green.  The feel was soft, but not overly soft.  I thought it had good pop off the putter and spun plenty on chip shots.

Even though I don’t have any hard data, I can definitely say that the ball held up to the top balls I’ve played.  As a bonus it was really durable.  I played the entire round with it and found very few blemishes.

The only negative is that we can’t get them here in North America right now.  They run 30 pounds per dozen, which translates to about $40 give or take.  At that number they are a super deal based on performance and durability.


They guys at Wyre were gracious enough to offer any of my European and UAE followers a 15% discount your first purchase.  Just use the promo code TIGERGOLFWYRE.  You can check them out at www.wyre-golf.com.


2 thoughts on “Wyre Titan Golf Ball Review

  1. Hey Jimmy,

    Thanks for the info. These guys reached out to me as well but I haven’t got back to them yet. I’m pretty stubborn when it comes to trying different balls, but maybe it couldn’t hurt based on your experience.


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