TGT’s 2018 US Open Musings & Picks

It seems like the majors are getting harder to predict with every passing event.  The fields are ultra deep and many guys are clicking.

This week is no different with DJ coming off a win in the last event.  JT and many others are in the groove as well.  You could say Spieth and Rory are not quite at 100%, but would you be surprised if either of them busted out this week and played well?

The course, Shinnecock Hills, is a step back towards proper US Open golf after the birdie bonanza at Erin Hills.  Shinny is narrow fairways, punishing rough, and slick greens.  Exactly what most expect from a US Open.  I’ll leave that to you as to whether or not it is a positive trend.

I don’t know how much the prior winners will help my prognostications.  The last event here was 14 years ago!  That being said, I’ll give it a go.

The Favorites

  1. Dustin Johnson: He’s in form, back to #1, and a damn player.  What else do you need?
  2. Justin Rose: A tactician with the long game and dangerous when he’s making putts.  I think Shinnecock sets up very well for him.
  3. Justin Thomas: Could he be motivated with losing #1?  Who knows, but if he’s on he will be in the thick of it.

Sentimental Picks

  1. Phil Mickelson: Even if you don’t pull for Phil, do you really not want to see him win one US Open?  I ride with TW, but I’d enjoy seeing Phil win this.
  2. Tiger Woods: The return is still so new at 11 starts.  I don’t think he’s ready for the big stage.  I’d love to be wrong, but winning another major is going to be a huge ask.

Interesting Picks

  1. Jordan Spieth: The putting is so bad right now.  We’ll see if he can turn it around here, but I think a Top 25 is more likely.
  2. Jon Rahm: The temper may get him at the Open, but if he is on form there are few better.
  3. Tommy Fleetwood: Can you tell I’m picking good ballstrikers at this point?


After all of that, put me down for Rickie Fowler to take this thing.  It’s time for him to get it done.  While he is young, I think he may be built more like old-school players in that he is paying his dues before he wins more in his 30’s.

Fresh off the engagement, I’m saying he adds a trophy to that celebration!  Enjoy the tournament and sound off in the comments with your picks.



4 thoughts on “TGT’s 2018 US Open Musings & Picks

  1. Jimmy,

    As you may have noticed, I”m a little behind on my reading. However, I kind of get a kick out of reading prediction posts after the tourney is over. Rickie had a great bounce back on Sunday after his Saturday round. As for Tiger and Spieth, yikes, not sure what to say. Fleetwood was a solid mention by you as well. My pick was DJ.


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