Brooks Was Here

Huge congrats to Brooks Koepka on winning the 2017 US Open!  He seized control in the home stretch and had a masterful performance.  That makes seven straight first-time winners in the major championships.  I was admittedly pulling for Rickie or JT, but I’m good with this outcome.

I think another big story was the golf course.  What did everyone think?  Personally, I don’t want to see -16 win the US Open.  I don’t want to protect Old Man Par at any cost, but I also don’t want to see it turn out like any other tournament.  That is what it felt like to me today, just another PGA Tour event.  I believe a few factors contributed to that.  The fairways were overly wide for a US Open, the course played soft, and barely anyone had played the course since October allowing for perfect greens.

Players had very little concern about putting and could go at a lot of pins.  Overall it was a fun tournament and I am happy for Brooks.  I’m not sure Erin Hills gets another shot at hosting, but I hope it gets to with firm conditions.  That would be the true measure of a very interesting course I hope to play very soon.


2017 US Open Preview

In 2017 the US Open makes its way to a new course.  Erin Hills will make its debut this week and it is sure to get people talking.  I haven’t played the course yet, but the pictures and reviews make it seem quite demanding.  It will be a different test for the tour pros.

I like to see the majors go to new venues and get some freshness in the rotations.  I know Jack Nicklaus may not agree after his recent comments, but I think it can get boring if the US Open is at Winged Foot or Oakmont every year.  Those courses have their place in the rota for a reason and should stay there, but some new tracks are good once in a while. Continue reading “2017 US Open Preview”

Proper Congrats to Sergio

It’s been a few weeks now since Sergio Garcia won The Masters and I am out of the depths of tax season.  With that, I wanted to give his win the proper treatment.

Sergio has had a long and interesting career.  I remember watching him run around at the 1999 PGA battling Tiger Woods until the end.  I was pulling for TW of course, but I really enjoyed Sergio as well.

Fast forward a little bit from that and his career took some turns.  For whatever reason you want to use, it happened nonetheless.  He complained about the weather situation at Bethpage in ’02 and at British Opens.  A common refrain was that the powers that be would have stopped play had Tiger been on the course.  This always came off as whiny.  Additionally there were his very unfortunate comments regarding Tiger at the European Tour Awards in 2012.

All of these actions were plenty to lose him a lot of fans.  I stayed neutral.  I didn’t like the comments, but I realized people make mistakes and tried to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Sergio continued to come off as very negative.  He lamented the golf gods being against him, expressed his disdain for Augusta National, and stated he didn’t have it in him to win a major.

C’mon man!  Don’t give me the sob story.  This act became tiresome, but recently Sergio has seemed to be in a better place.  You could attribute it to the balance he has found in life with his soon-to-be wife, Angela.  Whatever it is, he has mellowed.

The 2017 Masters was a culmination of his change.  He raced out to a lead and then faltered.  The old Sergio would have let this get to him and probably would have faded from the moment.  Not this time.  He hit solid shots and holed just enough putts.  Justin Rose gave him a fight, but Sergio was able to pull it off.  He won at a course he has never seemed to like.

They beat it to death on the broadcast, but he did win on Seve’s birthday.  I thought that was a cool coincidence and a fitting time for him to join his countrymen Seve and Jose Maria Olazabal.  So congrats to Sergio!  You’re off that dreaded list of best player to never win a major and your career has come almost full circle.  Enjoy the jacket.

Gaining Exposure

What is the point of any website?  For mine, the main objective is to share all my thoughts about golf and my travels with all of you.

How can I do that better?  Exposure!!!  I watch the stats on my site and they are consistent.  Not great, but consistent.  I’m doing my best to increase the visibility of the site as much as possible.

I am doing this through Twitter and Facebook sure, but I find I am getting the most traction on Instagram.  I am seeing a lot of positive feedback on the 18 days series I am doing.  So far I have done Merion (East), Monterey Peninsula Country Club (Shore), and Boston Golf Club. If you haven’t followed me yet I hope you will consider it (check out the links on the right).

So if you have a website or blog, what are you doing to get eyeballs to your site?  What have you seen that works?  Sound off in the comments.

DJ, C’mon Man!

I cannot believe Dustin Johnson fell down the stairs yesterday.  I hope he ends up being able to compete today.

Sometimes you catch bad luck.  He had been on quite a streak, but Augusta just doesn’t really fit him in my opinion.  The putting demands are too high.  He certainly has plenty of career left to prove me wrong.

Happy viewing!

I’m Feeling Some Jon Rahm

Call me crazy, but I like Jon Rahm a lot!  The guy has a ton of swagger and I could definitely see him winning The Masters.  It is a long shot for sure, but could happen.

The guys over at No Laying Up frequently refer to him as The Rahm Threat and I think that is a perfect name for him.  He likes to have a good time and the Tour needs more guys like him.  There are plenty of robots out there who don’t have much to say.

I’ll be pulling for him to play well in his career, the Ryder Cup not withstanding.  It will be interesting to see how he does this week.  His game doesn’t have many holes, but Augusta has a way of humbling newcomers not named Spieth and Woods.

I won’t get to watch all of the tournament with the tax deadline looming, but I hope to see as much as I can.  I expect some of that will include Mr. Rahm.

A tradition unlike any other.  Enjoy!