Roll Back The Ball?

The clamoring for some kind of roll back of the golf ball is becoming louder by the day.  So many big names have added their opinion from Jack Nicklaus to Tiger Woods.  After reading Jim’s post at The Grateful Golfer, I decided to add my take.

I think the first question is what is the problem with players hitting the ball so far?  In my view, the sustainability of golf is at stake.  Right now many classic courses cannot host pro events anymore without increasing length.  This usually changes the character of course.  Not to mention longer courses require more water, money, and work to maintain.  In the current environmental state of the globe I don’t think we should be using more of our resources.

As a golf fan I enjoy some long drives, but I don’t enjoy courses being pitch and putt.  That is just my opinion, but I think golf fans would enjoy it if we could hold big events at some of the world’s classic courses without relying on weather or absurd rough to mount a challenge to the players.

So that is the issue I see, but what is the solution?  I’ll give you a few options and my thoughts.  I’ll be the first to say that I am not going to cite hard data, but it is out there.  Do the research and come to your own conclusions.

Roll back the ball

I think this will open opportunities to return to classic courses, increase sustainability, and reduce the need to have super long courses.  The problem is that amateurs may feel like they don’t relate to pros, but do they really anyway?  I don’t relate to 350 yard drives.  If they feel this way it may hurt participation in the game.

Smaller wood sizes and increased iron lofts

In theory the ball would spin more and have shorter flight.  Also we would have irons that are closer to what they say they should be instead of a 9 iron with 7 iron loft.  Now I think it would be naive to say that the OEM’s wouldn’t fight this hard.  Everyone loves lawsuits!


It always baffles me how pros get so much roll at courses they play.  I never get that at my home course and I don’t feel like we over water.  Somethings can surely be down to slow down the fairways.  If this results in more water usage though it may not be worth it.

I think the best fit is some type limited flight ball.  The other options are fine, but less clear cut.  We can standardize the limits on the ball so all the manufacturers can still compete.

This ball still gives the advantage to longer hitters, but they won’t hit it 350.  The problem I see is where to stop using it.  Do we go to just pro events or down to college?  I certainly don’t want to be limited since I may hit it 260.  So the answers are not easy, but I think we have to start having the discussion.  Let me know what you think.


Wyre Titan Golf Ball Review

A little while ago I got an email from Hani at a golf ball company called Wyre.  I had never heard of Wyre so I was certainly intrigued.  After a bit of correspondence with them I had the ball you see in the picture below in my possession. Continue reading “Wyre Titan Golf Ball Review”

Displaying Golf Memorabilia Part Deux

Let me start by saying that I do not consider myself crafty at all.  I am also not very handy.  My wife, however, is both of those things.  It’s no surprise then that she would be the one to come up with a solution for an issue that I had on my mind.  I have wanted a way to display the bag tags that I have picked up on my quest.  Previously, I had been stashing them around our bonus room wherever I had space.  We had both agreed that was not feasible for much longer.  Well, check out her solution below.

bagtagHow awesome is this!  I basically gave her the general idea that I needed something to hold bag tags, but would still need room for some more.  I definitely have that since I still have space for over 10 more.  In addition, the green paint enhances the golf theme.

Bag tags are not something that I seek out when I go to courses.  If you have read my blog you know I am more of a logo ball guy.  However, if I get a bag tag it is always a pleasure.  This awesome board gives me room for more as I continue my quest.  Thanks again to my wife for the awesome outcome!


My friend over at #GolfChat, Zeb Welborn mentioned something cool to me.  He has become involved with REALiTEE Golf which is described as a new concept in indoor golf.  They introduced their product to the Golf Industry Show in San Diego this past week.

So what is it?  Founded by Dave Shultz, It is the blending of simulation and live golf indoors.  The long game is simulated, while the short game is live play.  In addition, the mission is to include as many people in the game as possible.  It hopes to serve as a haven for new golfers, women, and children.

The beauty of this model per their website is that there are new revenue streams created through events, a faster way to play if you need it, and new tournament formats for newcomers.

They have landed a partnership with Robert Trent Jones II to design the live play sections of the facilities.

I am excited to follow their development.  I hope to see the model take off.  Anything that can get new golfers connected to the game is ok in my book.  Check them out at or on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Be on the lookout for more course tours coming soon!  I haven’t been neglecting you, I just had some good information to get out there to my readers.  Enjoy!


New Grips

There are some awesome feelings in golf.  One of the best is the feeling of new grips!  A lot of golfers do not re-grip their clubs as often as they should.  When your grips are worn the club can slip and result in poor shots.

I just had my clubs re-gripped this week.  It is always awesome to feel the tackiness of a new grip.  I change up the types of grips I like to use pretty often because I like to feel something new.  This time I went with an old favorite in the Tour Velvet by Golf Pride.  These are classic grips used by many golfers.  I go with the midsize, round option with two wraps of tape underneath.  I have a local guy who has done my grips for years and I am always happy with the end result.

I would be interested to hear from my readers.  How often do you re-grip your clubs?  What kinds do you get?  What size?  Sound off in the comments.  I look forward to hearing from you.

What’s Your Favorite Club

As I write this after finishing my 35th straight day of work, I am going a little stir crazy.  At least they haven’t all been full days and I have been able to squeeze in three rounds of golf during that time.  That being said, I didn’t have time for a long post this week, but I still think it’s a good one.

In short, what is your favorite club?  A lot of thought can go into such a small question.  It depends on what criteria you use.  Does the particular club share some type of sentimental value, did it strike a hole-in-one, is it your best performing club?  I figured I would go through some of my favorites based on different criteria.  I also want to hear your favorites, so let me know in the comments! Continue reading “What’s Your Favorite Club”

True Linkswear Sensei

I wanted to throw you guys a curve ball with this post.  I haven’t done any posts on equipment or apparel to date.  I am not one to change things quickly or get too excited about any one piece of merchandise.  There is, however, one item in my golf arsenal that I am truly passionate about aside from my putter.  Behold, the True Linkswear Sensei! Continue reading “True Linkswear Sensei”