The Cliffs at Keowee Falls

The Cliffs at Keowee Falls – Played September 2016

  • Rankings: None of the four lists
  • Location: 770 S. Cherry Laurel Way, Salem, South Carolina
  • Year: 2007
  • Architect: Jack Nicklaus
  • Course Access: Private
  • Walking Rules: Carts Available

Score Card Information:

  • Black: 7,171 yards, Par 72, 75.4 Rating/140 Slope
  • Blue: 6,686 yards, Par 72, 72.9 Rating/137 Slope
  • White: 6,354 yards, Par 72, 71.2 Rating/134 Slope
  • Gold: 5,884 yards, Par 72, 68.9 Rating/130 Slope (Men’s), 73.9 Rating/134 Slope (Women’s)
  • Red: 5,182 yards, Par 72, 69.9 Rating/124 Slope

I had played this course about eight years ago, which was not too long after it opened.  I didn’t remember much of it, so this was like getting to play a new course.  Even better than that was that this was a tournament related to work.  There’s nothing like getting out of the office yet still feeling like you accomplished something.  I also got to bond with some of my colleagues on the links. Continue reading “The Cliffs at Keowee Falls”


Gaining Exposure

What is the point of any website?  For mine, the main objective is to share all my thoughts about golf and my travels with all of you.

How can I do that better?  Exposure!!!  I watch the stats on my site and they are consistent.  Not great, but consistent.  I’m doing my best to increase the visibility of the site as much as possible.

I am doing this through Twitter and Facebook sure, but I find I am getting the most traction on Instagram.  I am seeing a lot of positive feedback on the 18 days series I am doing.  So far I have done Merion (East), Monterey Peninsula Country Club (Shore), and Boston Golf Club. If you haven’t followed me yet I hope you will consider it (check out the links on the right).

So if you have a website or blog, what are you doing to get eyeballs to your site?  What have you seen that works?  Sound off in the comments.

DJ, C’mon Man!

I cannot believe Dustin Johnson fell down the stairs yesterday.  I hope he ends up being able to compete today.

Sometimes you catch bad luck.  He had been on quite a streak, but Augusta just doesn’t really fit him in my opinion.  The putting demands are too high.  He certainly has plenty of career left to prove me wrong.

Happy viewing!

I’m Feeling Some Jon Rahm

Call me crazy, but I like Jon Rahm a lot!  The guy has a ton of swagger and I could definitely see him winning The Masters.  It is a long shot for sure, but could happen.

The guys over at No Laying Up frequently refer to him as The Rahm Threat and I think that is a perfect name for him.  He likes to have a good time and the Tour needs more guys like him.  There are plenty of robots out there who don’t have much to say.

I’ll be pulling for him to play well in his career, the Ryder Cup not withstanding.  It will be interesting to see how he does this week.  His game doesn’t have many holes, but Augusta has a way of humbling newcomers not named Spieth and Woods.

I won’t get to watch all of the tournament with the tax deadline looming, but I hope to see as much as I can.  I expect some of that will include Mr. Rahm.

A tradition unlike any other.  Enjoy!

2017 Masters Picks

The Masters is nearly upon us and I cannot believe it.  I’ve played once over the past month due to a grueling tax season, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The Masters always brings that feeling that busy season is nearly over.  You can add that to the list of why it is one of my favorite tournaments.  The azalaeas are ready to bloom and The National is ready for its showcase.

For the 2017 Masters winner I am going with Jordan Spieth.  I think he redeems himself for the loss last year and claims the second green jacket he should have had in 2016.  If he starts rolling in putts on Thursday, watch out!

I think Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, and some others will compete this year.  I am also interested to see the fortunes of Hideki Matsuyama and Justin Thomas.  They both have immense talent and can definitely win here.

I am excited for the tournament and look forward to watching as much of it as I can!

Displaying Golf Memorabilia Part Deux

Let me start by saying that I do not consider myself crafty at all.  I am also not very handy.  My wife, however, is both of those things.  It’s no surprise then that she would be the one to come up with a solution for an issue that I had on my mind.  I have wanted a way to display the bag tags that I have picked up on my quest.  Previously, I had been stashing them around our bonus room wherever I had space.  We had both agreed that was not feasible for much longer.  Well, check out her solution below.

bagtagHow awesome is this!  I basically gave her the general idea that I needed something to hold bag tags, but would still need room for some more.  I definitely have that since I still have space for over 10 more.  In addition, the green paint enhances the golf theme.

Bag tags are not something that I seek out when I go to courses.  If you have read my blog you know I am more of a logo ball guy.  However, if I get a bag tag it is always a pleasure.  This awesome board gives me room for more as I continue my quest.  Thanks again to my wife for the awesome outcome!