Goodbye Arnie

Sunday was a day filled with sad news.  The coupling of the deaths of Jose Fernandez and Arnold Palmer were a tough blow.  One so young and one much older, but both full of enjoyment.

I want to focus on Mr. Palmer, since this is a golf site, but don’t forget Jose either.  Arnold was, by all accounts, one of the most gracious public figures we have ever had.  I have not read one negative story about him.  I don’t know that I would care if I did.  Of the stories I have read the last couple of days, they all have similar themes.  Arnie would spend time to talk to almost anyone, he would sign nearly every autograph, and he loved his life.

I can’t think of a better way to be as a person.  I wish I was half as gracious and patient with my time.  While I never got to see him in his prime, he will always be one of my favorites.  A competitor, gentleman, and caring human being.  The world lost a good one.  My words can’t sum up what he meant to the game, but just know he was monumental for golf.

So long Mr. Palmer.  Rest in peace and tee one up.  I hope I get to play with you one day up there.



World Woods Golf Club (Pine Barrens)

World Woods Golf Club (Pine Barrens) – Played 2016

  • Rankings: Golf Digest Public #76, Golf Magazine Public #19
  • Location: 17590 Ponce De Leon Boulevard, Brooksville, Florida
  • Year: 1993
  • Architect: Tom Fazio
  • Course Access: Public
  • Walking Rules: Carts Available

Score Card Information:

  • Yellow: 7,237 yards, Par 71, 75.3 Rating/133 Slope
  • Black: 6,817 yards, Par 71, 72.5 Rating/131 Slope
  • Green: 6,316 yards, Par 71, 70.2 Rating/125 Slope
  • White: 5,891 yards, Par 71, 68.5 Rating/118 Slope
  • Orange: 4,983 yards, Par 71, 68.4 Rating/114 Slope

We had a little longer drive from Palm Coast to Brooksville.  I will say that I didn’t expect to find much in this town as I had heard it was in the middle of nowhere.  While it was certainly not a metropolis, there were plenty of places to eat on the main drag.  I was pleasantly surprised.

Let’s go over some of the history of this complex.  Opened in 1993 by the World Woods Corporation, the land it sits on was purchased from Florida Crush Stone, Punta Gorda Isles and several privately held properties.

The name came from the ideal of providing world class golf to the masses.  This includes a massive practice facility with a 23 acre, circular range, 36 hole putting course, an iron range, and more putting greens. Continue reading


The Ocean Course at Hammock Beach Resort

The Ocean Course at Hammock Beach Resort – Played 2016

  • Rankings: Golf Digest Public #83, Golf Magazine Public #75
  • Location: 200 Ocean Crest Drive, Palm Coast, Florida
  • Year: 2000
  • Architect: Jack Nicklaus
  • Course Access: Resort
  • Walking Rules: Carts Available

Score Card Information:

  • Black: 7,201 yards, Par 72, 75.5 Rating/144 Slope
  • Gold: 6,723 yards, Par 72, 73.8 Rating/141 Slope
  • Blue: 6,371 yards, Par 72, 71.7 Rating/135 Slope
  • White: 5,811 yards, Par 72, 69.0 Rating/126 Slope (Men), 74.2 Rating, 135 Slope (Women)
  • Red: 5,115 yards, Par 72, 70.3 Rating/132 Slope

After a short drive down from Sea Island and a good night’s sleep it was off to the Ocean Course at Hammock Beach.  This is another resort course, but if you book through you can gain access.

As you will see from the pictures this course stays true to the ocean in its name with six holes along the water.  It is always interesting for me to play courses designed by Nicklaus.  He was a fader of the ball and a lot of times that shows up in his work.  For me, a definite hooker, his courses can be very challenging.  I was interested to see how this one would go.

The course has received plenty of accolades as evidenced by the photo below.  They have also received praise from Conde Nast Traveler, Golf For Women, Golf Magazine, Golfweek, and Links Magazine. Continue reading

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Designated Shot Watchers

Some great thoughts from my Hawaiian blogging buddy! Check out Wayne’s thoughts and let him know what you think.

Golfing on Kauai

Opinion: Pace of Play # 2 – Designated Shot Watchers –

By Wayne Halm –

In my last Pace of Play (PoP) post I promised ideas for achieving four and a half hour rounds – the Designated Shot Watcher idea will move golfers toward that goal.

Frequently I take on this responsibility unasked.  I watch everyone’s shots, make mental note of the position of any balls off the fairway, and lead the player to it.  Most of the time this is unnecessary – but when it is needed it greatly improves the PoP.

As much as I might like to, I can’t play golf with everyone.  I believe the Designated Shot Watcher idea needs to be formalized into the game.

I think golf courses should add another column to their scorecards.  There should be spaces for the players name and the name of the Designated Shot Watcher.  Each player should…

View original post 161 more words

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Sea Island Golf Club (Seaside Course)

Sea Island Golf Club (Seaside Course) – Played 2016

  • Rankings: Golf Digest Public #36, Golf Magazine Public #23
  • Location: 100 Cloister Drive, Sea Island, Georgia
  • Year: 1928, 1999 (Update)
  • Architect: H.S. Colt & Charles Alison (Original), Tom Fazio (Update)
  • Course Access: Resort
  • Walking Rules: Carts and Caddie Available

Score Card Information:

  • Blue: 6,657 yards, Par 70, 72.6 Rating/139 Slope
  • Green: 6,323 yards, Par 70, 71.1 Rating/135 Slope
  • White: 5,980 yards, Par 70, 69.4 Rating/132 Slope
  • Silver: 5,546 yards, Par 70, 67.4 Rating/127 Slope (Men’s), 72.3 Rating/136 Slope (Women’s)
  • Gold: 4,978 yards, Par 70, 65.0 Rating/121 Slope (Men’s), 69.1 Rating/123 Slope (Women’s)

The first leg of the Georgia/Florida trip would be in Sea Island to play the host of the PGA Tour’s RSM Classic, the Seaside Course at Sea Island Golf Club.  The location also houses the Plantation and Retreat courses.  You will need to stay on the property to get tee times.  I did not stay in the wonderful accommodations, but I managed to get on.  That will be a state secret, but I did get some pictures from their wonderful public relations people to show you what it looks like.  Check out the picture below for a sample of what you get if you stay there. Continue reading

Happy Labor Day!

Short post for today since most of your probably are out celebrating the holiday!  So enjoy some food and time with family and friends.

I did want to briefly mention that your humble blogger was recognized as one of the Top 100 Golf Blogs by Feedspot.  I am grateful for this honor and I have all my readers to thank for it.  You can check the list out at  I encourage you to give it a look as you will probably find some other great stuff there to read.

See you next week!

Georgia/Florida 2016 Trip Report

Georgia & Florida

  • Time – 2016
  • Courses Played (bold = favorites of the trip) – Sea Island Golf Club (Seaside), Ocean Course at Hammock Beach Resort, World Woods Golf Club (Pine Barrens), Trump National Doral (The Blue Monster)
  • Distance – Approximately 325 miles to Sea Island with a drive time of a little over 5 hours.  The next leg of the trip to Hammock Beach was just under 150 miles and a little over 2.5 hours followed by another leg of about the same length to Brooksville and World Woods.  The final leg to Trump National Doral was a shade over 300 miles and 5 hours.  A good bit of driving, but well worth it.
  • Overview – This trip was for my wife’s birthday, much like my trip the previous year.  Luckily for me, she is so supportive of this quest that the first part of the week could be devoted to playing some golf.  She rode along on three of the rounds which made it more fun for me since I was playing as a single.  It’s always good to have someone else take the photos!
  • Suggestion – We bounced around a lot in the beginning part of the week as we made our way down to the Florida Keys for my wife’s part of the week.  If you decide to do that, I suggest playing the courses in the order I did.  It was a nice way to maneuver down the state.  I went to Trump National Doral from the Keys, but you could do it on the way down.  Sea Island is very ritzy and I didn’t stay there (out of my range), but do it if you can.  Palm Coast and Brooksville are normal American towns.  Miami is a whole other world, but we spent most of our time in the Keys.
  • Tidbits – I played by myself every round, which kept the pace of play up.  That could be a different story for you, but that is the benefit of playing in the middle of the week.  Take a stroll around at Sea Island and Trump National Doral to see how big time money can be spent two polar opposite ways.  Very interesting!