Olympics Golf 2016 Wrapup

All I can say is wow!  Golf in the Olympics was so much better than I thought it was going to be.  Everything from the course, the play, and the drama was wonderful.  Many aspects of the competition were noteworthy and I want to give them each their due.

Let’s start with the course.  Gil Hanse created a really interesting course for tournament play.  I saw a lot of shades of Boston Golf Club while I was watching the competition.  Be looking for that post in the future.  The lack of rough and firm conditions gave the players options and made them think.  I usually enjoy this type of play more than hacking it out of the rough.  One worry about the course was that it wouldn’t be resistant to scoring.  I think the scores were right where they needed to be.  And hey, who doesn’t like seeing birdies? Continue reading

Podcast Debut

Hi everyone!  I know this is not my normal posting day, but I wanted to fill you in on some news.  Last night I made my debut on a podcast!  I joined Adam Fonseca at Golf Unfiltered to talk about my quest.  Check it out here.  Also while you are there check out the rest of his website.

Adam is a congenial guy and we had a great talk.  I have listened to his podcast for awhile now and I recommend everyone out there do the same.  Plus with a Chicago guy and a South Carolina guy there were come quality accents flying around.

Enjoy the podcast and let me know what you think!  I am really excited about it.

The Healthy Golfer

This book, written by Dr. Philip Maffetone, focuses on multiple aspects of living a healthier golf life.  The chapters cover topics such as proper golf shoes, the benefits of walking, muscle imbalance, injuries, water management, and what to eat.

The book is very easy to read and not incredibly academic in its style.  The chapters are short and give you only the information you need with no fluff.  Another great feature is the appendices in the back of the book.  They expound on some topics throughout the book for future reference.  This allowed the chapters to which they relate to stay short and readable.

I didn’t agree with everything in the book, but there was a lot of great stuff.  I agree with the benefits of walking and wish I could do it more often.  Unfortunately our course doesn’t allow it on Saturday mornings which is when I play most of my rounds.  It’s also tough to walk when it is in the upper 90’s during our summers.  I will try and do better though.

The book also reinforced my belief in True Linkswear shoes.  The amount of discomfort that comes from over-engineered shoes causes ripple effects up and down the body.  Now if only the Trues were not so low-profile that my pants dragged along the ground.  I’ve go to go see the tailor!

VGC 13-2

Valhalla Golf Club

Valhalla Golf Club – Played 2016

  • Rankings: Golf Digest #99
  • Location: 15503 Shelbyville Road, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Year: 1986
  • Architect: Jack Nicklaus
  • Course Access: Private
  • Walking Rules: Carts & Caddies Available

Score Card Information:

  • Gold: 7,540 yards, Par 72, 76.4 Rating/148 Slope
  • Black: 6,975 yards, Par 72, 74.1 Rating/143 Slope
  • Green: 6,540 yards, Par 72, 71.6 Rating/138 Slope
  • Blue: 6,070 yards, Par 72, 69.8 Rating/129 Slope
  • Silver: 5,240 yards, Par 72, 70.8 Rating/124 Slope

Valhalla Golf Club was a place where I didn’t know a member.  I was still able to work out a game there right after tax season.  It was a nice treat after a busy few months at work.  Luckily it was close enough to drive up and back in a weekend.

For you history buffs, Valhalla is the great hall described in Norse mythology where the souls of Vikings feasted and celebrated with the gods.  The golf course was a creation of local businessman Dwight Gahm who made his fortune in kitchen cabinets.  He built the course with the intent of hosting a major championship.  That feat was accomplished in 1996 with the PGA Championship won by Mark Brooks.  The club has hosted many other big events including additional PGA Championships (2000, 2014), Senior PGA Championship (2004, 2011), Ryder Cup (2008), and the PGA Club Professional’s Championship (2002).

Starting in 1993 after meetings with Gahm and Jim Awtrey (then CEO of the PGA) the PGA began purchasing an ownership stake in Valhalla.  By 2000 they owned the entire course.  Since then they have enlisted Mr. Nicklaus to make continuing improvements to the course to keep up with the times.

Some interesting architectural information on the course; the greens, tees and fairways are a combination of T1 and Penway bent grass strains, there are 62 bunkers, and the primary rough is Kentucky bluegrass with fescue making up the secondary rough.

Continue reading

2016 PGA Championship Wrap-Up

Hi everyone!  It’s been busy at work lately and I couldn’t get a post up Monday.  I just wanted to say a quick congratulations to Jimmy Walker for winning the PGA Championship.  It’s always nice when a fellow Jimmy does something exciting!

I like it when we have new major winners.  Some people say it’s bad for the game and from a casual fan standpoint that is probably true, but when you have Dustin and Henrik breaking through I think that is a good year.

The majors were very exciting to watch this year and I am looking forward to some more great golf this year with the Ryder Cup fast approaching.  See you on Twitter for Hazeltine!

2016 PGA Championship Picks

Ugh, major season has really gotten the better of me.  In addition to that I started a new job this week so the routine is a little out of whack.  No worries, it was a good change and my old company has handled it very well.  It is an exciting opportunity and everyone has been very positive.  OK, enough of the personal and on to the picks.

No in depth stuff here with the short turnaround.  I’m going Jordan Spieth to win.  If he doesn’t I think the winner comes out of Fowler, McIlroy, Garcia, or Finau.  Enjoy the tournament!

On a personal note, I want to give condolences to the family of Ryan at front9back9.com.  He was a wonderful blogger and very entertaining on #GolfChat.  I didn’t personally know him, but still felt the loss when I heard of his passing.  I hope you’re breaking eighty on the big course up in the sky and looking done and smiling at us.  Your insights will be missed and I hope for peace in this difficult time for your family.  Play well buddy.

2016 British Open Wrap-Up

Wow, that is all I can think to start with.  It has been a week to let it sink in and I am so happy with the golf I witnessed at Royal Troon.  Congratulations to Henrik Stenson for a closing 63 that was truly spectacular.

I don’t know if that is the best final round ever, I don’t like to make those statements.  There is so much recency bias when it comes to this stuff.  Sometimes I just want people to appreciate what you are watching and just add it to your archives of great sporting achievements, but I digress.  Henrik was on all day.  He had a couple three-putts, but his iron game and other putts overcame that.  He was so dialed in and he was not going to be denied.  He was too good not to win a major and I am glad he got the job done.

I want to take a minute to tip my cap to Phil Mickelson.  He should walk away with no disappointment from this one.  He played stellar golf and just got beat by one of the all time closing rounds.  I mean his score would have won all but 4 Opens!  I am a Tiger guy, but if you don’t think Phil is one of the greatest players of all time then you are just crazy.

Also, good on the R&A for the setup of the course.  They showed that you don’t need ice rink greens and 7,500 yards to make a good tournament.  And if you take that as a shot at the USGA, then good, you are paying attention.  Oh, and the final group played in just under 4 hours!!!  How about that!

So thank you to Henrik, Phil, the R&A, and Royal Troon for a wonderful show.  Let’s see it again next year!