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I am on a quest to play the Top 100 golf courses overall and public in the USA as rated by Golf Digest and Golf Magazine.  I am not a rater or architecture expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I do look forward to learning more about course design and history.

I have a regular job that keeps me pretty busy, especially the first three and half months of the year.  My passion is playing golf and I make time for it whenever I can.

As I start this quest, I really have only one contact for the private courses on the lists.  I hope the blog can serve as inspiration and proof of the power of human generosity.  I know that will be the only way I can accomplish this endeavor.  I have usually found that golfers are a great group of people and I am confident this journey will reinforce that feeling.

You may be asking what you will see on the site.  You will see chronicles of my trips to Top 100 destinations and other courses played with as many photos as I can manage.  I will also talk about my views on the game, equipment, golf books, and many other topics related to golf.  I plan to post weekly on Monday mornings.  Feel free to send me your feedback by checking in at the Contact page.



3 thoughts on “The Blog

  1. Every golfer should have a bucket list. I certainly have and one of the courses and places I’d love to play is CAPE KIDNAPPERS. What a truly amazing looking course.
    Great blog, play well my friend.

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