How I Track My Progress

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend celebrating our nation’s independence!  I just got back from a relaxing week visiting family in New Hampshire so we have a short post this week.  I did manage to get a Top 100 public course in on the trip, so be looking out for that post soon.

This week I wanted to talk about how I track my Top 100 progress.  Well it’s a little funny.  I would say I am mildly obsessed with lists.  I make all kinds chronicling things I have done and this definitely carries over to golf courses.  For example, I have a list for each Top 100 course played and each golf course I have ever played.  Here is my method to tracking all of this crazy journey.

  • I have an Excel spreadsheet with each of the four lists as titles and the courses I have played listed below by their ranking.
  • Also in this spreadsheet I keep a list of all the courses I have played alphabetically by state.
  • I have printed copies of each of the four lists where I tick off the ones I have played.
  • Finally, I have a huge map of the USA on a pin board where I track progress.

At this point, you might be asking what I am talking about.  As you can see, I like to be thorough as the first three points on the above list show.  The map, however, taps into my visual side and really shows how much of a dent is being made in the quest.  See below for what I mean:


And a zoomed in view:


My wife helped out tremendously with this, in fact, she basically did all of it while I looked up the information for each course.  In case you didn’t know, she is much better at this stuff than me!  The map is color coded for private and public courses.  Each orange pin is a course I have played from the lists.  The map really gives me a sense of what I have accomplished and what is still left to do.  I hope you enjoyed the insight into how I track this wonderful journey.


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