Blessing of a Neverending Golf Season

Down in the South, we are lucky to have no end to the golf season.  Sure, it gets pretty cold occasionally, but it is pretty rare that courses close for any period of time.  The benefits of this fact are numerous.

  • We get to play all year!
  • Learning to play in different conditions throughout the year
  • Ability to practice all year

It is really nice to be able to go hit a bucket of balls outside on grass at any time of the year.  It keeps the swing fresh and avoids the rust accumulated during a winter off.  It is also nice to see how the same course plays at different times of the year.  I think it allows us to be able to play in a multitude of conditions, provided you suck it up and go play in the cold.

I sometimes take for granted getting to play all year, but as I am reading some of my fellow bloggers posts about shutting it down for the winter I wanted to give thanks for our weather.  The ball may not go as far and it may not be as comfortable, but I am glad I can get out there throughout the holidays.  So if you are lucky enough to live in a place where golf is year round take advantage!


5 thoughts on “Blessing of a Neverending Golf Season

  1. I am happy to see you’re staying grateful for your continuous golf season! Winters can be tough on us golfers up here in Canada. However, we still have lots to be grateful for! And it’s a pretty amazing feeling escaping the harsh winter on a golf trip to the south.


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