Links O’ Tryon

Links O’ Tryon – Played 2014

  • Rankings: None of the four lists
  • Location: 11250 New Cut Road, Campobello, South Carolina
  • Year: 1987
  • Architect: Tom Jackson
  • Course Access: Public
  • Walking Rules: Carts Available

Score Card Information:

  • Rocks: 6,877 yard, Par 72, 73.4 Rating/140 Slope
  • Blue: 6,425 yards, Par 72, 71.1 Rating/137 Slope
  • White: 5,772 yards, Par 72, 68.0 Rating/124 Slope
  • Gold: 5,338 yards, Par 72, 65.7 Rating/116 Slope
  • Red: 5,079 yards, Par 72, 69.8 Rating/128 Slope

Links O’Tryon is a public course in my area that our weekend group has played on occasion.  It is a very affordable daily-fee club that is usually in decent shape.  The architect also designed the course where our normal group plays and where I grew up playing the game.  I also happen to go to church with him and he is a wonderful guy.  I was out playing the course on this day with one of my college buddies and his father-in-law.  Other than the starter rushing us to the tee before our scheduled tee time, we were on our way smoothly.


Hole 1 – 359 yards – Par 4

The first hole starts off your round easy.  Driver is not necessary.

LOT 1-1The approach is played to an ample green guarded by a lone bunker.

LOT 1-2Here is a photo of the putting surface.

LOT 1-3Hole 2 – 370 yards – Par 4

This is the first of a few sharp doglegs on the course.  This one bends to the left.  Anything more than 210 yards needs to be drawing to avoid running out of fairway.

LOT 2-1Once you pass the corner it is a pretty straightforward approach.

LOT 2-2The green is narrow, but deep.

LOT 2-3Hole 3 – 505 yards – Par 5

This hole presents a good birdie opportunity with a great drive.  With the slope of the fairway you definitely want to favor the right side.

LOT 3-1The second shot is wide open and inviting.  It plays over a dip in the fairway.

LOT 3-2Here is a closer view of the green.  It will accept long three wood shots.

LOT 3-3Here is the green from another angle.

LOT 3-4Hole 4 – 172 yards – Par 3

This tee shot is challenging.  It plays uphill over a deep bunker and the green is not fully visible.

LOT 4-1Once on the green there are some easier putts for birdie.

LOT 4-2Hole 5 – 360 yards – Par 4

Here we have another dogleg left.  I wouldn’t advise going much past the 150 stake on this shot.  That provides the widest landing area.

LOT 5-1The green features trouble on both the left and right sides.

LOT 5-2Here is a closer look.

LOT 5-3Hole 6 – 343 yards – Par 4

This hole plays pretty tight, but luckily you probably won’t need driver.  A draw works best from this tee.

LOT 6-1The approach is played over flat ground to an equally flat green.

LOT 6-2Here is a view from behind the green.

LOT 6-3Hole 7 – 164 yards – Par 3

This hole favors a fade due to the trees on the right.  The maintenance man is working on some bee nests in the bunker.  He advised us to stay away.  No problem buddy!

LOT 7-1The green has a bit of slope to it on the front portion which is the right side of this photo.

LOT 7-2Hole 8 – 557 yards – Par 5

This one plays long!  It is all uphill.  It goes straight to the right at the top of the hill.

LOT 8-1Here is the approach.  No rest for the weary.

LOT 8-2The green is mildly contoured and surrounded only by rough.

LOT 8-3Hole 9 – 400 yards – Par 4

This hole is another stout one especially if it plays back into the wind.  There is plenty of room out there so bombs away.

LOT 9-1As you can see there have not been many complicated approaches.  This one is similar.

LOT 9-2The green is quite large to accommodate longer second shots.

LOT 9-3Hole 10 – 405 yards – Par 4

This hole aims you down the wrong section of grass.  The fairway is actually to the right of this line.  It is quite a bit downhill.

LOT 10-1The second shot plays over the water to an elevated green.

LOT 10-2The green has a lot of slope from the middle to the front portion.  It is flatter from this flag to the left.

LOT 10-3Hole 11 – 387 yards – Par 4

We have another narrower hole here.  A fade starting at the bunker is a great line.

LOT 11-1The approach plays to a tiered green with some bunkers that are more for visual effect.

LOT 11-2You can see the two-tiered putting surface below.

LOT 11-3Hole 12 – 168 yards – Par 3

What you see is what you get on this hole.  You just need a good middle iron shot.

LOT 12-1Hole 13 – 350 yards – Par 4

This hole bends to the left and has a fairway that cants left as well.  Driver is absolutely a gamble.

LOT 13-1The approach can be nerve-wracking since it demands solid contact.  The water comes right up to the green.

LOT 13-2You can see below that the green is very shallow.  Your distance needs to be spot on to have a putt at birdie.

LOT 13-3Hole 14 – 490 yards – Par 5

While a shorter par five, there is plenty of bend to complicate this hole.  A fade is the obvious play here.

LOT 14-1The second shot plays up the hill to a hidden green.  You don’t want to be long.

LOT 14-2Here is a closer view of the green.

LOT 14-3And here is the putting surface from behind.

LOT 14-4Hole 15 – 161 yards – Par 3 

This hole features the most water we have seen so far.  Anything left is going to a watery grave.

LOT 15-1Here is the relatively flat putting surface from the right side.

LOT 15-2Hole 16 – 354 yards – Par 4

A shorter hole here with not much trouble.  Tee it high and let it fly.

LOT 16-1The approach shot is a different story.  Water surrounds the left and back of the green.  Hopefully a wedge shot is all you have and you can take dead aim at the flag.

LOT 16-2The putting surface is a little smaller than it looks from the fairway.

LOT 16-3Hole 17 – 375 yards – Par 4

This tee shot plays over some water, but it not a huge forced carry.  You can aim at the left cart in the distance to set up a good approach.

LOT 17-1The approach is much easier visually since there is less water.  It does play uphill so you will want to take a little more club.

LOT 17-2Hole 18 – 505 yards – Par 5 

The final hole provides a birdie opportunity if you can hit a good drive.  A good line is splitting the carts in the fairway.

LOT 18-1Here is a shot from close to the green should you not be able to get home in two.

LOT 18-2The green provides for plenty of simple birdie putts with not too much slope.

LOT 18-3This course is not spectacular, but it doesn’t break the bank.  It is a relaxing course to play since it is not overly long.  I always seem to play well here, probably because I don’t have to hit driver very much!  I wouldn’t drive out of your way to play it, but if you find yourself in the area it is a good, budget-friendly course to play.


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