Candia Woods Golf Links

Candia Woods Golf Links – Played 2015

  • Rankings: None of the four lists
  • Location: 313 South Road, Candia, New Hampshire
  • Year: 1964
  • Architect: Philip A. Wogan
  • Course Access: Public
  • Walking Rules: Carts Available

Score Card Information:

  • Black: 6,550 yards, Par 71, 71.0 Rating/121 Slope
  • Blue: 6,320 yards, Par 71, 69.9 Rating/120 Slope
  • White: 5,865 yards, Par 71, 67.6 Rating/115 Slope
  • Green: 5,315 yards, Par 71, 64.9 Rating/110 Slope
  • Gold: 5,039 yards, Par 71, 68.3 Rating/115 Slope

Ah, the course I played almost every summer of my childhood once I took up golf!  This one brings back some great memories.  I broke 80 for the first time here at 14.  I more than likely made my first birdie and eagle here.  My grandfather, starting at nine years old, would take me out in the mornings when he would go to his post at the starter or ranger.  He had quite the flair for telling you to hurry the hell up without angering you.

The routine was normally the same.  We would get there a little after five in the morning and I would help get carts out (when I was a little older).  Then it was out to the course before anyone teed off.  Usually I would go on the back nine and hit wedge shots and other situational stuff.  It was an awesome way to practice.  Once a group was in sight it was back to the range usually until Gramps got off around one in the afternoon.  Before I could drive we may stay to play a few holes or practice some more and then we would head home.  Once I got my license. I could stay later and would usually play 18 in the afternoon with my buddies that worked at the course.  These are some of my favorite times in golf!

Candia Woods Golf Links was designed by Philip Wogan, the son of Skip who worked with Donald Ross.  After college he joined his father’s architecture practice and continued to design courses including The Country Club of Halifax, Pembroke Country Club, and The Bar Harbor Golf Club.  In addition, he worked on design revisions at Blue Hill Country Club, Manchester Country Club, and Onondaga Golf & Country Club.

It was a privilege to get back out here this past summer and get some pictures of a course I hold so close to my heart.  It isn’t the most spectacular place in the world, but it is home and that means a lot!

We tipped it out, so all distances will be from the black tees.  Enjoy!

Hole 1 – 423 yards – Par 4

The first hole gives you a template for what you will see on the day.  There are a lot of wide spaces to hit tee shots.  The only real trouble here is if you hit a hook.

CWG 1-1The approach into the green is also wide open.  You can run it up if you need.

CWG 1-2Hole 2 – 364 yards – Par 4

The second hole doesn’t require driver.  The hole bends more to the left than it looks.  The best line is 10 yards left of the 150 yard marker in the middle of the photo.

CWG 2-1The approach plays to a two-tiered green protected by a couple of bunkers.

CWG 2-2Here is a closer shot of the green.

CWG 2-3Hole 3 – 364 yards – Par 4

The tee shot here plays slightly downhill once you past the yardage post.  Their is a drop off if you go to far right.  On this hole, the yardage post is a good aiming point.

CWG 3-1This should be a very short approach.  The green is open in the front and very sloped in the back.

CWG 3-2You can see the back-end slope in the photo below.  You want to make sure your distance control is on point to give yourself a good chance at birdie.

CWG 3-3Hole 4 – 399 yards – Par 4

This hole plays a little longer than the yardage due to the uphill slope.  You have more room to the right than it looks.  Anything left will face tree trouble.

CWG 4-1Here is a shot of the approach.  There is very little room behind the green.  This is another green that is mostly open in front.

CWG 4-2Hole 5 – 193 yards – Par 3

This is one of the tightest holes on the course.  It plays about a club less than the yardage, but there is no real room to miss.  It is, however, a pretty big green.

CWG 5-1Overall the green is pretty flat, which should lead to a good chance at birdie if you hit the green.

CWG 5-2Hole 6 – 387 yards – Par 4

This hole plays straight up the hill.  The trees up the left will come into play if you hit your tee shot over there.  A fade will work nicely here.

CWG 6-1The approach is still moving uphill.  Unless you absolutely bomb a drive you won’t be able to see the green.  It will help to know that there are bunkers on both sides.  Direction is just as important as distance control on this approach.

CWG 6-2Hole 7 – 401 yards – Par 4

This is one of my favorite holes on the course.  It plays right into my shot shape.  The trees up the left in line with the carts can be carried with a big drive.  This fairway is absolutely massive.

CWG 7-1A great drive will leave a wedge into a large green.  This is a green light all day regardless of where the pin is.

CWG 7-2Here is a closer look at the putting surface.

CWG 7-3Hole 8 – 201 yards – Par 3

This is a tough hole due to the distance.  The water isn’t really a factor unless your tee shot is poorly struck.  It is about 40-50 yards short of the green.

CWG 8-1Hole 9 – 533 yards – Par 5

This is a long hole and most likely a three shot hole.  There is plenty of room off the tee, but out of bounds lines the entire right side.  Your tee shot should get a little boost when it lands on the down-slope in the fairway.

CWG 9-1Here is a look at the second shot.  It is quite flat, so go for it!

CWG 9-2Should you need to layup, this is the third shot you will face.  This is another shot to be aggressive on since the green is open.

CWG 9-3Hole 10 – 468 yards – Par 5

Have I said that I love the wide open fairways!  This is another one.  If you can catch a good one it will be go time.  You have three fairways worth of real estate out there so swing with confidence.

CWG 10-1This is a look of the shot you will face from the fairway.  The backside of the green is surrounded by trees.  The bunkers pinch in on the right and left.

CWG 10-2Here is a look at the green from the right.  It is not very sloped so drain that putt!

CWG 10-3Hole 11 – 455 yards – Par 4

As easy as the last hole was, this one is equally as difficult.  It bends to the right slightly.  The fairway is wide, but a power fade works best here.

CWG 11-1Here is the approach, which you can see if from well over 150 yards.  The green and fairway from here slope to the left pretty hard.

CWG 11-2Here is a closer shot of the green.  You can see that is slopes left (away from me taking the photo).  It is a long green making pin position crucial to determining distance.

CWG 11-3Hole 12 – 410 yards – Par 4

You cross over a local road for the next three holes.  A good aiming point is a little left of the tower.  The fairway drops off sharply on the right and will most likely result in a lost ball if you go over there.

CWG 12-1They have a little covered bridge next to the tee that I think is really cool.

CWG 12-2The approach plays to a green that slopes back to front.  There is a big hill over the green that will funnel long shots further away from the putting surface.

CWG 12-3Hole 13 – 324 yards – Par 4

I figured I would give you a view of the hole markers.  See below.

CWG - TEEThis is the narrowest tee shot on the course.  Luckily you don’t need a driver.  If you can get something out there 200 yards it will be in great shape.  Straight is more important than long here.

CWG 13-1The approach plays up the hill to a flat green.  You can’t really miss anywhere but short or a little left.

CWG 13-2Here is the green, not too much slope to deal with.

CWG 13-3Hole 14 – 323 yards – Par 4

You can get as aggressive as you want on this tee shot.  If you take driver you will need to aim up the left side and challenge the trees.  The more conservative play would be to hit something 200 yards up the middle.

CWG 14-1The approach can induce some stress.  There are bunkers short and long.  A small pond also resides behind the green.  Your shot needs to be precise because this is the most extreme green on the course.

CWG 14-2It doesn’t look like it here, but there is a tremendous amount of slope from front to back and right to left.  You have to be careful when putting.

CWG 14-3Hole 15 – 171 yards – Par 3

This hole plays uphill, but you are aided by a green that funnels everything to the middle of the putting surface.

CWG 15-1Here is the green from the backside.

CWG 15-2Hole 16 – 555 yards – Par 5

This is a beast of a hole.  The trees on the right inhibit hitting a draw.  There is plenty of room to the left.

CWG 16-1The second shot is a long one.  You can barely see the green!

CWG 16-2As you have seen the entire round, the greens are pretty open.  The fun thing about playing this course is that is doesn’t beat you up.

CWG 16-3Here is a closer look at the putting surface.

CWG 16-4Hole 17 – 158 yards – Par 3

This isn’t an overly long hole and the green is only mildly sloped.  The bunkers short of the green are the only hazards here.

CWG 17-1The slope of the green is primarily in the back section.  There are some pin positions available back there that can make for some difficulty putts.

CWG 17-2 Hole 18 – 421 yards – Par 4

The final hole greets you with a blind tee shot.  The best line is right over the cart in this photo.  If you hit it straight the ball will land on a downhill slope giving you more distance.

CWG 18-1The approach will probably be played with a middle iron.  The green slopes from back to front and right to left.  The pin shown here is in a little bowl.

CWG 18-2Here you can see the slope of the green.  The placement of your approach shot will dictate how hard your putt is.

CWG 18-3Here is a shot of the clubhouse, from the ninth hole.

CWG - CLUBHOUSEI have always loved playing this course.  It is a fun round and can really present some great scoring opportunities.  It is a great course for all types of golfers.  One last note, the staff has always been wonderful to me since I was a junior golfer.  It is always special for me to play here and this round was no exception.

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