You may be wondering what this post is all about.  Well, if you have followed my blog for a little while you will know that I share my posts through various social media platforms.  I use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  You can find links to those midway down on the right side of my blog (hint: they are the small logos).

In addition to sharing my own thoughts on social media I also like to engage with others.  The most fun way I have found to accomplish that goal is through something known as #GolfChat.  #GolfChat is a Twitter conversation every Tuesday night at 8 PM EST.  The discussion is run by Zeb Welborn of 19th Hole Media.  Zeb is a media professional and runs a very engaging chat.

Each chat usually features five questions to spur the conversation.  I have really enjoyed hearing and sharing opinions.  It is especially fun since some of my WordPress friends like @TheGratefulGolf and @36aday are in on the discussion.  I have also gained some new Twitter friends like @cencalhack and @regripped and hope to engage with them more in the future.

For 2015 there were #GolfChat awards which showcased some of the best chatters.   To further help people get to know each other there are bios of frequent chatters that delve a little deeper than you can get in the 140 character limit of Twitter.

Using the hashtag GolfChat will get you in the conversation.  For a general how to on the conversation I would suggest checking out the GolfChat section of Zeb’s website.  I hope to talk to you there soon!


15 thoughts on “#GolfChat

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