Masters Moments

I wanted to take a look at the Top 5 moments from The Masters.  The twist on this one is that they have to be moments that I remembered.  I started really watching golf at age 12 in 1997.  So this list will not feature some of the iconic moments you may know.  Times like Jack in ’86 and Faldo’s dominance will not be mentioned here.  I have enjoyed those on highlight shows, but I wasn’t engaged.  Now that you have the criteria, let’s get going.

  • Tiger’s Chip-in at the 16th in 2005 – This was one of the best shots of Tiger’s career.  The imagination to pull it off was spectacular.  The tournament was tight with Chris DiMarco lurking.  Tiger did what he had to do.  One of the many examples of his dominance.
  • Tiger’s 1997 Triumph – Quite simply an obliteration.  He announced himself to the world with this win.  He was so much better than everyone else it was awesome to watch.  I can’t explain the excitement I had watching him win this event.
  • Phil Does It – Specifically the putt on the last hole to win.  His first major win was thrilling.  He may not have got too much on his vertical, but seeing him breakthrough was inspiring.  I have always been a Tiger guy, but I like Phil too.  All his hard work paid off here and it was fun too watch.
  • Bubba’s Gap Wedge – The shot Bubba hit to win his first Masters was something spectacular.  To curve a wedge that much was baffling.  To do it with the circumstance was supremely impressive.  He is not my favorite golfer by any means, but this shot was truly something special.  His visceral reaction to winning was awesome too.
  • Louis’s Albatross – Not everyone on this list can win.  Even though he couldn’t close the deal, he hit once of the best shots in Masters history.  I remember watching this hit the green.  It seemed to take forever to get to the hole and then it went in!  Quite simply awesome.

Tell me some of your favorite moments.  I love to reminisce and The Masters is one of the best tournaments for it.  Enjoy the week!


7 thoughts on “Masters Moments

  1. Tiger completing the “Tiger slam” in 01′ was a pretty special moment because of the enormity of that accomplishment and the hype surrounding that tournament. He’ll be missed at this year’s Masters, but hopefully he can get back playing this season.


  2. Jimmy, sorry you missed Jack’s “Yes sir!” moment in 1986. It was the biggest Masters moment I’ve ever witnessed. Tiger’s shot on #16 is a close second for me.



  3. Jimmy

    I like them all, but, believe it or not, Phil’s shot from behind the tree on the 13th hole in 2010 is one of mine and Fred Couples’ shot on the 12th hole in 1992 that did not go in the water! There are so many choices, so little time! Bring on The Masters!


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