Streamsong (Blue)

Streamsong (Blue) – Played 2015

  • Rankings: Golf Magazine #62
  • Location: 1000 Streamsong Drive, Streamsong, Florida
  • Year: 2012
  • Architect: Tom Doak
  • Course Access: Resort
  • Walking Rules: Carts & Caddies Available (Walking Only at Certain Times)

Score Card Information:

  • Green: 7,176 yards, Par 72, 74.1 Rating/131 Slope
  • Black: 6,698 yards, Par 72, 72.0 Rating/127 Slope
  • Silver: 6,285 yards, Par 72, 69.7 Rating/123 Slope
  • Gold: 5,531 yards, Par 72, 71.6 Rating/122 Slope

The second day at Streamsong featured the Blue course designed by Tom Doak.  The course features multiple elevation changes.  The course seemed like it had been there forever.  Like Coore & Crenshaw, he was blessed with a wonderful piece of land.  Also like the Red, I think the Blue will begin to rack up awards as more people get to play it.

This day also featured plenty of wind.  Unlike my trip to Bandon, I got the full wind experience.  Let’s just say it added some strokes to the score!

The clubhouse features 12 guest rooms, 4,500 square feet of conference space, a golf shop, and an outdoor terrace overlooking a lake.  It also has what I am sure is a great restaurant.  I had to play and run so I could not take advantage.  I meant to take some pictures of the clubhouse the day before, but I was glad I waited.  The raised first tee at the Blue gave me a great vantage point.

You can see below how the building sits down in the dunes.  It is a stunning structure.

SBLUE 1-1Here is another view from the putting green.

SBLUE 1-2In keeping with my new tradition, the scorecard can be seen below.

SBLUEI played the silver tees this time.  For this round I was solo.  That meant a fast round since no one was in front of me.

Hole 1 – 330 yards – Par 4

The opener eases you into the round.  I took an easy long iron off this tee to avoid the bunkers.  You are on some high ground here so it plays shorter than the yardage.

SBLUE 1-3Depending on where you go the green will be blocked out due to the elevation change.  I would recommend a caddie if you are playing here the first time.

SBLUE 1-4Like the Red, the greens are massive here.  You can see that below.

SBLUE 1-5Here is a side angle of the green.

SBLUE 1-6Hole 2 – 516 yards – Par 5

This hole is definitely reachable depending on the wind speed and direction.  A good line is at the middle of the vegetation on the center of the picture.

SBLUE 2-1The second shot is seen below.  If you choose to lay up the fairway is pretty wide.  Pick a line and commit.

SBLUE 2-2The green is guarded by bunkers as you can see below.  Distance control is important as those bunkers are quite tricky.

SBLUE 2-3The front bunker cuts into the green as you can see in the left side of the next photo.  This is another huge green.

SBLUE 2-4Hole 3 – 359 yards – Par 4

This tee shot may look a little intimidating, but there is quite a bit of room to the right.  On this day it played straight into the wind.  I hit driver, four iron!

SBLUE 3-1The second is slightly uphill.  There is trouble close by on the left side of the green so miss right if you have to.

SBLUE 3-2This shows the large contours in the green that make for difficult putting.  This pin in the back is tough if you didn’t get your shot back there.

SBLUE 3-3Hole 4 – 369 yards – Par 4

This hole is nice and open.  There is some deep grass if you flare one way right so beware.

SBLUE 4-1The approach shot is uphill with some deep bunkers on the left.  Good luck getting up and down from those.

SBLUE 4-2This is one of the flatter putting surfaces.  You should take advantage of any birdie putts here.

SBLUE 4-3Hole 5 – 115 yards – Par 3

The short par three is always a good hole if done right.  This one has plenty of options depending on where the flag is placed.  The green is very deep so depending on wind and pin position you could be hitting six different clubs.

SBLUE 5-1See what I mean about green depth.  This is me at the front of the green and the flag is in the back.  You can barely see it!

SBLUE 5-2There are some crazy contours in this green.  Take a look at the slope from the middle down to the flag.  You can really feed the ball into this pin location.

SBLUE 5-3This angle is from behind and right of the green to give you perspective.

SBLUE 5-4Hole 6 – 295 yards – Par 4

How you play this hole all depends on the wind.  It is reachable with downwind conditions.

SBLUE 6-1I couldn’t get there so I had the approach you see below.  The green is wide open with no trouble in front.

SBLUE 6-2While it is open in front, there is plenty of slope once you get on the putting surface.  It is also very wide allowing for some long putts.

SBLUE 6-3Here is a closer angle.  You can really see the width and slope in this one.

SBLUE 6-4Hole 7 – 176 yards – Par 3

This is the signature hole on the Blue.  I had a screaming wind in my face and had no idea what to hit.  Remember when I said to get a caddie!  The only miss is a bit short.

SBLUE 7-1Here is a zoomed-in view.

SBLUE 7-2From this angle you can see the interesting bunkering and ground-level view of the green.

SBLUE 7-3Hole 8 – 414 yards – Par 4

This is a longer hole, but it plays downhill to give you a bit of a break.  A good line is just right of the bunker in the middle.

SBLUE 8-1The second shot plays to a slightly elevated green flanked by large bunkers.

SBLUE 8-2There is a large false front on this green so make sure you carry your shot deep enough.

SBLUE 8-3The wide shot of the green reveals the slope throughout.

SBLUE 8-4Hole 9 – 510 yards – Par 5

This tee shot plays to a blind landing area.  If you smoke one just over the left edge of the bunkers you will be in good shape.

SBLUE 9-1The second shot is flat and can be played up onto the green past one bunker.  You don’t want to mess with the trees on the left.

SBLUE 9-2You can see the angle into the green below.

SBLUE 9-3Here is another angle.

SBLUE 9-4And one more for good measure.

SBLUE 9-5Hole 10 – 129 yards – Par 3

This one is another good, short par three.  The large bunker in the front isn’t really in play at all.

SBLUE 10-1Here is a closer look.

SBLUE 10-2This view from the right side shows the runoff and internal slope of the green.

SBLUE 10-3Below you can get the player’s view of the green.

SBLUE 10-4Hole 11 – 427 yards – Par 4

Wide open space from this tee and a flat landing area.  Hit your best here.

SBLUE 11-1The second shot plays over flat land as well.  You can barely make out the flag in the middle of the photo.

SBLUE 11-2The green is narrow compared to others.  There is also a lot of slope in the front half.  There is some more mild contouring where the flag is in this picture.

SBLUE 11-3Hole 12 – 351 yards – Par 4

This tee shot is straightforward.  The middle of the fairway is all you need here.  The water is not in play unless you hit it very poorly.

SBLUE 12-1The second will play over water and sand.  The green has a backstop for the front pin.  I liked the look of this shot for some reason.

SBLUE 12-3Below you can see the green from closer.

SBLUE 12-4Here is another angle.  Check out that slope.

SBLUE 12-5Hole 13 – 279 yards – Par 4

Here we have another driveable par four, but the green is a narrow and well-guarded.  A middle iron may be the smart play.

SBLUE 13-1The green is there between the bunkers.  The left bunker is absolute jail.

SBLUE 13-2The green opening is not very wide and would be tough to navigate with a driver.  I think a wedge approach is the high percentage play.

SBLUE 13-3Here is a slightly different angle.

SBLUE 13-4Here is the view from behind to give you the whole story.

SBLUE 13-5Hole 14 – 489 yards – Par 5

This one is definitely a two-shotter if you get a calm or helping wind.

SBLUE 14-1I was on the left side of the hole and had a seven iron left.  The majority of these bunkers are not really in play.

SBLUE 14-2If you are forced to lay up here is the angle you will most likely face for a third shot.  The green is slightly raised.

SBLUE 14-3There is some room behind the green as you can see below.

SBLUE 14-4Hole 15 – 357 yards – Par 4

I have noticed throughout the round that Doak likes to give you a lot of room off the tee.  It is much appreciated because of the wind.  Plenty of space here for your drive.

SBLUE 15-1From the left side of the fairway you have to carry a blowout bunker to the green.

SBLUE 15-2This green looked linksy to me as it was not very defined.  I liked the look of it though.

SBLUE 15-3There is a lot of left to right sloping in this green.  Many shots to the left side of the green will filter down to the right side.

SBLUE 15-4Hole 16 – 205 yards – Par 3

This is just a stout hole that requires a long and accurate tee shot.  You can’t even really make out the green from here.

SBLUE 16-1A slightly zoomed-in look allows you to see the green.

SBLUE 16-2This view of the green is from the front and left.  Shots to the left will bounce back towards the center of the green unless extremely unlucky.

SBLUE 16-3Hole 17 – 525 yards – Par 5

There are miles of room here.  Hit it anywhere but left.

SBLUE 17-1It is tough to get home in two on this one.  The second plays over multiple bunkers.  This look reminded me of the fourth at Bethpage.

SBLUE 17-2The third shot is uphill to a partially blind putting surface.  There isn’t much trouble unless you pull one into the front bunker.

SBLUE 17-3This is a green where you can make some putts.  It is not overly contoured.

SBLUE 17-4Hole 18 – 439 yards – Par 4

The last hole is no easy pickings.  The fairway is wide, but it is a long hole.  A good drive sets you up here for the approach.

SBLUE 18-1Here is view from the top of the hill.  If the wind is in your face this is probably the approach you will have.

SBLUE 18-2Here is a little closer look.  You might be here if the hole is downwind and you are a monster.

SBLUE 18-3Below is a shot of the green.

SBLUE 18-4This was a fun round.  The wind blew all day.  I tweaked something in my knee on the first hole, but other than that I had a blast.  I don’t know what more good things I can say about Streamsong.  You may want to wait until the Black course is completed so you can play all they have to offer!


5 thoughts on “Streamsong (Blue)

  1. Bart

    Just curious if you used a caddie or not. A group of us are looking to play Streamsong Blue soon and debating if the caddie is worth it.

    1. I didn’t have one. The course is mostly out in front of you, but if you don’t want to carry your bag you could think about it. Also, the group I played with the first round had one and he was really good. I am not sure what their fee is.

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