How To Play The World’s Most Exclusive Golf Clubs

SabinoThis was a fun read to say the least!  If you don’t know about John Sabino and you like top golf courses you are missing out.  You can check out his blog at  If you’ve not visited his site, you may want to block off a day because you will be there awhile!  He has been featured in many publications as one of the few people to play the Top 100 in the World.  It is an incredible achievement and one I hope to emulate with my own unique quest.

John decided to put his thoughts into a book.  As he states, he didn’t want to do a rehash of playing the courses (although there is some of that in the book), but rather tell the average golfer how they can play some of the world’s best courses.  He details basic methods, advanced methods, and has in-depth appendices.

If you enjoy his blog you will enjoy the book, but that is not a prerequisite.  There is so much in this book that is interesting to golfers.  You can read about the customs at foreign golf clubs, which was fascinating.  You can also read about so many ways to get on top courses.  Don’t get me wrong, you aren’t getting a Pine Valley invitation by reading the book.  What you will get are some ideas you may not have considered.

The best news is that the profits from the book are going to charity per John.  That’s incentive enough, but go out and get the book.  It is available on Amazon at the following link. 


3 thoughts on “How To Play The World’s Most Exclusive Golf Clubs

  1. Not sure I have the patience to read this. I can see myself drooling while thinking of getting to play these and not being able to finish the book. I will give it a shot though. Thanks for the info!


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