Georgia/Florida 2016 Trip Report

Georgia & Florida

  • Time – 2016
  • Courses Played (bold = favorites of the trip) – Sea Island Golf Club (Seaside), Ocean Course at Hammock Beach Resort, World Woods Golf Club (Pine Barrens), Trump National Doral (The Blue Monster)
  • Distance – Approximately 325 miles to Sea Island with a drive time of a little over 5 hours.  The next leg of the trip to Hammock Beach was just under 150 miles and a little over 2.5 hours followed by another leg of about the same length to Brooksville and World Woods.  The final leg to Trump National Doral was a shade over 300 miles and 5 hours.  A good bit of driving, but well worth it.
  • Overview – This trip was for my wife’s birthday, much like my trip the previous year.  Luckily for me, she is so supportive of this quest that the first part of the week could be devoted to playing some golf.  She rode along on three of the rounds which made it more fun for me since I was playing as a single.  It’s always good to have someone else take the photos!
  • Suggestion – We bounced around a lot in the beginning part of the week as we made our way down to the Florida Keys for my wife’s part of the week.  If you decide to do that, I suggest playing the courses in the order I did.  It was a nice way to maneuver down the state.  I went to Trump National Doral from the Keys, but you could do it on the way down.  Sea Island is very ritzy and I didn’t stay there (out of my range), but do it if you can.  Palm Coast and Brooksville are normal American towns.  Miami is a whole other world, but we spent most of our time in the Keys.
  • Tidbits – I played by myself every round, which kept the pace of play up.  That could be a different story for you, but that is the benefit of playing in the middle of the week.  Take a stroll around at Sea Island and Trump National Doral to see how big time money can be spent two polar opposite ways.  Very interesting!

2 thoughts on “Georgia/Florida 2016 Trip Report

  1. Aloha Jimmy,
    That sounds like a great trip. I love playing golf in Florida, there are some absolutely stunning courses there. How was the weather? South Florida is the only place I’ve ever declined golf because of the heat.
    A Hui Hou,

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