Goodbye Arnie

Sunday was a day filled with sad news.  The coupling of the deaths of Jose Fernandez and Arnold Palmer were a tough blow.  One so young and one much older, but both full of enjoyment.

I want to focus on Mr. Palmer, since this is a golf site, but don’t forget Jose either.  Arnold was, by all accounts, one of the most gracious public figures we have ever had.  I have not read one negative story about him.  I don’t know that I would care if I did.  Of the stories I have read the last couple of days, they all have similar themes.  Arnie would spend time to talk to almost anyone, he would sign nearly every autograph, and he loved his life.

I can’t think of a better way to be as a person.  I wish I was half as gracious and patient with my time.  While I never got to see him in his prime, he will always be one of my favorites.  A competitor, gentleman, and caring human being.  The world lost a good one.  My words can’t sum up what he meant to the game, but just know he was monumental for golf.

So long Mr. Palmer.  Rest in peace and tee one up.  I hope I get to play with you one day up there.



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