The First Time I Broke 80

It’s been some time since the golf blogging world lost a dear friend in Ryan from Front9Back9.  I feel worst for his family and friends who are experiencing true loss.  I would just hope that they can keep their head up and celebrate his life.  While I didn’t personally know him, I felt like I got a sense of his personality from our interactions on #GolfChat.  That is the beauty of that Twitter conversation and I am glad we have it.

One of Ryan’s frequent topics on Twitter was his quest to break 80.  In honor of that I wanted to share my story of that accomplishment.  I hope he is up in the sky and breaking 70 by now.

I was 14 when I first broke 80.  I don’t remember much about breaking 100 or 90.  I think I had come close to the 70’s a few times, but hadn’t really done it.  On the day I was playing with my grandfather and his two friends.  This was during the summer when I would spend time in New Hampshire so I was playing at Candia Woods where he worked.  I even remember the horrendous late 90’s golf shirt I was wearing.

I am not going to go into the hole by hole specifics mainly because I don’t remember them, but I played the front nine in even par 35!  I knew where my score was because I am one of those people that always knows how he stands more or less.  I have gotten better at that, but still usually know if we are putting everything out.  After that start I knew a number in the 70’s was well within my reach.  Over the back nine I didn’t play as well, but still managed a three over 39.  My playing partners were not quite as aware of what was going on as I was.  When we totaled up the score I exclaimed 74!  I had shattered the scoring barrier and I was really happy about it.

Beating that number is a liberating feeling.  It allows you the confidence to know you can shoot in the 70’s.  It also leaves you expecting to do so, but that is just fine!  I have since broken 70 a couple times, but none since I got out of college and had to get a real job!  Something about working that is not conducive to practice.

How have your scoring milestones come about?  I would love to hear about them.  Sound off in the comments section or shoot me an email.  Have fun out there.


7 thoughts on “The First Time I Broke 80

  1. Jimmy,

    That’s quite a way to break 80 for the first time — 74! Goes to show you that a lot of our barriers are mental. People who have come close but never broken 80 may look at a score in the 70’s as some forbidden territory, but it’s just a number. I have broken 70 doing a double lap on my little home town 9 hole muni, but I have yet to do it on a big boy course, my closest being 70 on the nose. You’ve inspired me to shatter this next season 😉


  2. Jimmy, cool story! My own scoring milestones: When I was 14, I was in a two week golf camp and breaking 60 for nine holes was the measuring stick that said you had “arrived”. I will never forget how great my first and only 59 felt! On the big course, I think I was 19 when I first broke 80. Like you I cleared the number with room to spare (76). It took me another 16 years until I was 35 when I first broke 70.



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