Lakota Canyon Ranch & Golf Club

Lakota Canyon Ranch & Golf Club – Played June 2017

  • Rankings: Golf Magazine Public #79
  • Location: 1000 Clubhouse Drive, New Castle, Colorado
  • Year: 2004
  • Architect: Jim Engh
  • Course Access: Public
  • Walking Rules: Carts Available

Score Card Information:

  • Black: 7,111 yards, Par 72, 72.8 Rating/149 Slope
  • Gold: 6,690 yards, Par 72, 70.7 Rating/142 Slope
  • Blue: 6,369 yards, Par 72, 69.3 Rating/130 Slope
  • White: 5,608 yards, Par 72, 67.0 Rating/113 Slope (Men), 72.0 Rating, 140 Slope (Women)
  • Red: 4,744 yards, Par 73, 69.1 Rating/117 Slope

After the round at Ballyneal I hopped in the car to head to Denver.  That would be my home base for the last few courses on the trip.  Since I was riding solo I didn’t do much in Denver, but it gives me a good reason to go back.  

After a good night’s sleep I was up early for the approximately 3+ hour drive to Lakota Canyon.  Along the way I got to see some great scenery.  Check it out below.

Once you finish the long drive and arrive in New Castle you are greeted with the gate below at the golf course.  The journey doesn’t end there though.

There is a building right when you pass the gate where you check in.  Food and drink is available there as well.  It shouldn’t be a problem for the 2018 season, but I was out of luck for anything once I left because the clubhouse was under construction.  There was only a portable toilet available.  I was a little miffed to be honest, but oh well.  The in-progress clubhouse is seen below.

The driving range and putting green sit close by.  I didn’t warm up so these pictures are all you get :).

I didn’t find much history on their website other than they year it opened and the course designer.  If you are interested in any more information I would recommend checking out their site.  Let’s get into the tour.  All yardages are from the gold tees.

Hole 1 – 560 yards – Par 5

The first hole is a dogleg left with a big drop from the tee.  I was a bit unsure of what to hit with the elevation so be cautious here if you are unfamiliar with playing at altitude.

As you get closer to the green a bunker and small hazard guard the front.

Hole 2 – 360 yards – Par 4

If you didn’t on the first hole, you really start to see the scale of the place on 2.  The fairway is angled away from the tee.  Due to the lack of tall trees you can play any shot shape here, but a draw will get some roll.

Below is a look at the approach.

The green is a simple circle that slopes back to front.  Pretty tame for Engh actually.

Hole 3 – 150 yards – Par 3

This is the Engh I have grown to know from some other courses.  This tee shot plays well downhill to a massive green.  From the front, right section it is almost impossible to putt to the flag in the photo.

Hole 4 – 520 yards – Par 5

Below is a look at the hole signs.

This double dogleg plays from an elevated tee.  You will want to stay on the right side for the best angle.  It moves right then back left to the green.

The green is elevated and tucked into the land.  Anything short will still be held up by the rough though.

The green is pretty flat and offers good chances for made putts.

Hole 5 – 600 yards – Par 5

Back to back par fives are usually fun.  This one is a true three shot hole though even at altitude.  There is more room in the fairway that it seems.

A hazard comes up on your left along with a bunker that sits well below the green.  The views here are so good.

Hole 6 – 385 yards – Par 4

The same range from the last couple photos dominates the vistas here.  I thought it was really cool to be in this valley hitting the ball around.  This one plays pretty short with the elevated tee.  Be careful of the hazard right.  You can also run out of fairway if you stray to far left.

The hazard also plays a part in the approach shot as it wraps in front of the green.

Hole 7 – 210 yards – Par 3

This one is longer and plays uphill.  Thankfully the ball travels.  You can’t see the green from the tee.  The flag is visible in the second photo below.

The flat green sits down in a bowl and is almost a perfect circle.

Hole 8 – 350 yards – Par 4

When you combine the carries and the view Colorado has some spectacular golf.  See below for a prime example.  There is more room right as you want to stay away from the waste area on the left.

The approach flattens out, but there is still plenty to ponder with bunkers near the green.

The internal contouring is visible in the photo below.  You will want to be on the correct tier.

Hole 9 – 160 yards – Par 3

This is one of the few holes I didn’t really like.  I’m not a fan of trees blocking the view of a green on a downhill par 3.  The green is quite small and right is dead.

The best parts of this hole are the views off the tee.

Here is a view of the green from the left side.

Hole 10 – 385 yards – Par 4

The back starts from another elevated tee.  The fairway is somewhat bowl shaped which will help most drives find the short grass.

The green has a large slope in the front that will deflect balls hit short.

Hole 11 – 550 yards – Par 5

I liked this picture so much that I had it printed and framed.  The mountain range is the prominent feature, but the tee shot is interesting as well.  Gauging the correct carry distance is imperative.

Below is the view as you get closer to the green.

The green has plenty of slope to it that can certainly influence long second shots.  There is more room left with the high grass on the right.

Hole 12 – 460 yards – Par 4

Even at this altitude and an elevated tee this is a long hole.  The fairway is pretty generous so go ahead and rip driver.

From the fairway the hole continues down the hill and to the left.  The green sits down in a hollow with short grass in front to allow running shots.

Hole 13 – 370 yards – Par 4

We flatten back out on this hole.  A hazard runs up the right side and cuts into the fairway.  Favor the left side on this hole.

The green is large and mostly unguarded.  Be sure to know the pin position for club selection.  The hazard continues to the green so don’t miss right!

Hole 14 – 350 yards – Par 4

This one plays parallel to the last hole so you have the same hazard also on the right side.  At this yardage driver is not needed.

The approach shot plays slightly uphill.  The mounds obscure the putting surface from view.

Hole 15 – 190 yards – Par 3

Nothing fancy here, just good shots required.  The green is elevated and guarded by a little pot bunker.

The green has plenty of slope as you can see below.

Hole 16 – 400 yards – Par 4

I found this to be a difficult hole from start to finish.  The fairway is sits at an angle to the tee and you must carry the waste area.  Picking a line is crucial.

The approach plays even more uphill.  The ravine continues up to the green and around the left side.  There is a small bail out area short and right.

The green is two-tiered as seen below.

Hole 17 – 170 yards – Par 3

Crazy hole here that plays way downhill.  From the few Engh courses I’ve played this green shape seems to be a staple.  The flag is sitting in the small portion in the back.  The rough pinches in to make it a narrow target.

Adding to the challenge is the slope of the green.

Hole 18 – 520 yards – Par 5

The finisher is a doozy.  The hazard runs the entire length of the hole waiting to gobble up mishits.  I played this up the left side.

Here is a view of the second shot with the green off to the left out of view.

The green sits right next to a large, rough covered hill just on the other side of the hazard.  You don’t want to be short.

This view shows the proximity of the hazard and the overall shape of the green.  Putts can be had here as there isn’t an abundance of slope.

Lakota Canyon was a really fun course.  The views are the best part in my opinion.  Once you take your eyes of those though the course is all you could want.  The conditioning was solid and the holes were imaginative.  I highly recommend it if in the area.

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