Tot Hill Farm Golf Club

Tot Hill Farm Golf Club – Played Sometime 2011-2013

  • Rankings: None of the four lists
  • Location: 3185 Tot Hill Farm Road, Asheboro, North Carolina
  • Year: 2000
  • Architect: Mike Strantz
  • Course Access: Public
  • Walking Rules: Carts Available

Score Card Information:

  • Outlaw Black: 6,543 yards, Par 72, 72.5 Rating/138 Slope
  • Gambler Green: 6,214 yards, Par 72, 70.4 Rating/132 Slope
  • Rawhide White: 5,632 yards, Par 72, 69.0 Rating/117 Slope (Men’s), 74.0 Rating/134 Slope (Women’s)
  • Mustang Gold: 4,556 yards, Par 72, 63.8 Rating/103 Slope (Men’s), 67.9 Rating/118 Slope (Women’s)

As mentioned at the top, I don’t remember the year I played this gem.  I do know that it was on one of the many trips to the Pinehurst area for a weekend of golf with the wife.  Tot Hill is a bit away from the area, but was well worth the drive.  It was prototypical Strantz which means it was super imaginative.  You can see from the mix of pars that the course never gets monotonous.

I don’t recall spending a ton of time in the clubhouse to see the vibe of the place as we were trying to get back to Pinehurst for our hotel.  As I mentioned before, it is a bit out of the way so there may not be much going on, but don’t quote me on that.

Thanks again to Brian for the photos.  Check him out on Instagram @virginiagolfguy and at his website

Let’s get into the tour.  I played the Outlaw Black tees and all yardages will be from that set.

Hole 1 – 448 yards – Par 4 – Imagination

You start the round off with a downhiller where you want to keep the drive up the left side.

There is a small creek to the left of the green and a grass bunker on the right.  Obviously you want to err right.

Hole 2 – 402 yards – Par 4 – The Forest

There is a minimal carry over a creek here on this dogleg left.  That shouldn’t be a problem, but the creek continues up the left side and wraps behind the green.

The green is tucked back in the hollow and the undulation on the fairway may cause a sidehill lie for the approach.

Hole 3 – 180 yards – Par 3 – The Rock

There is trouble galore here.  A stream runs in front, left, and behind the green.  There is the large bunker you can see on the right.  Thankfully, the green is very large.

Hole 4 – 493 yards – Par 5 – Fairway to Heaven

This is the shortest par five.  It is uphill all the way with a small stream crossing the fairway.  The hole bends to the right.

The photo below gives you a good luck of the hole.

Hole 5 – 535 yards – Par 5 – Eagle

The second of back to back par fives is much longer than the previous hole.  The best tee shot will be played up the right.

There are plenty of hazards around the green with water and sand.  The green is two-tiered.

Hole 6 – 155 yards – Par 3 – Easy Does It

This one is a difficult hole.  There is a large area right of the green to bail out.

Hole 7 – 382 yards – Par 4 – Deer Track

A good tee shot should clear the bunkers and hill in the distance.  There is a small creek in front of the green.

You can somewhat make out the green below.  A grass bunker guards the back side of the putting surface.

Hole 8 – 514 yards – Par 5 – Balfour’s Ridge

This tee shot is one of the most difficult on the course.  Avoid the bunkers on the left.

The approach plays uphill.  The green is sloped from back to front and has two tiers.

Hole 9 – 371 yards – Par 4 – Little Man

The playing corridors tighten on this tee.  The hole moves slightly to the right.

If you go through the fairway you angle can be blocked.  The green has plenty of slope as seen below.

Hole 10 – 397 yards – Par 4 – The Great Wall

The starter of the back side has a stone wall crossing the fairway.  A good drive will clear the wall and find a large landing area.  If you go up the left the wall doesn’t come into play.

This shot back up the hole is a great view.

Hole 11 – 186 yards – Par 3 – Mother Nature

You have to be precise on this downhill hole.  Water surrounds the green waiting to swallow up misses.

Hole 12 – 392 yards – Par 4 – The Old Dam Hole

This dogleg left calls for a drive up the right side.  The fairway goes all the way to the green so you can follow it without having to take on the water.

You can see the challenge on the approach shot.  The peninsula green is a difficult target.  It’s a very pretty view.

Hole 13 – 162 yards – Par 3 – Strantz’s Back Yard

The stream goes down the right side to the green.  The left side is preferred due to the small margin for error.

Hole 14 – 376 yards – Par 4 – Right is Wrong

This hole is explained by it’s name.  It doglegs right and you will want to keep the ball up the left.  The green slopes from left to right.

A stream meanders up the entire right side and goes in front of the green.

There is some crazy slope on this green that will challenge your putting.  Balls will easily run off the green if they catch some of these contours.

Hole 15 – 143 yards – Par 3 – Water Fall

This short hole can cause you trouble if you miss right.  The green is tucked back into the land.  The goal here is the center of the green and try to make a putt.

Hole 16 – 527 yards – Par 5 – Betty McGee

A big bender here requires a straight drive.  The hole’s namesake creek runs down the left side and sneaks back in front of the green.

Approach shots must not come up short.

Hole 17 – 411 yards – Par 4 – The Road Hole

You need a long carry on the drive here.  There is OB to the right of the wall and wetlands down the left.

You don’t want to miss the green long here.

Hole 18 – 469 yards – Par 5 – Country Road

Unfortunately, this view got blocked out by the sun.  This is a short par five with two fairways.  The right one offers the best opportunity to go for it in two.

There is a deep bunker to the right of the green that is to be avoided.

Tot Hill is a very difficult course even though it isn’t overly long.  I found it to be more difficult than Tobacco Road.  I think these two courses are Mike Strantz’s mos polarizing.  Tobacco Road gets all the publicity, but Tot Hill is also unique.  You have to be dialed in with your long game or it will be a long day.  Make sure to bring some extra balls and embrace the multiple challenges.

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