Big Break Myrtle Beach

I wanted to weigh in on the new season of The Big Break that is taking place in Myrtle Beach, SC.  I have watched most seasons of the show and this one has some pretty interesting personalities.  I have some definite favorites on the show and I think it will shape up to be a great season.  Alright, here are my thoughts.

Overall favorite – Christian Heavens

This guy has a great story.  He grew up in a rough neighborhood, but learned the game from his grandfather.  He says golf saved his life and kept him from the streets that claimed some of his friends and family.  He has a charitable nature and he seems to have a great attitude.  As someone who learned the game from his grandfather, I really like his story.  Even if he doesn’t win I am really pulling for him in his life and his career.

Best Overall – Charlie Harrison

The guy’s talent has shown through in all the challenges so far.  He has the pedigree from playing at Wake Forest and everything about his game seems solid.  Very good player.

Most Fun to Have a Beer With – Tie Dave Markle/Toph Peterson/Tessa Teachman

These three have great personalities and outlooks on golf.  They seem to be liked by most people on the show and I could easily see myself hanging out at the 19th hole with each of them.

Best Villain – Anthony Quezada

This guy has gotten on everyone’s bad side.  With rants on why people shouldn’t pick him in eliminations to comments about Carolin crying he has gained no allies.  I know these shows can be edited to show people a certain way, but I heard the full sentences that couldn’t be edited and this guy just sees no way to leave his competitive nature on the course.  Some of the most competitive guys in the world aren’t this abrasive.  Katy tried to talk to him about it, but it fell on deaf ears.  I don’t know what to make of him.  Is he playing it up for the camera?  Either way, he has balled out in the eliminations so he definitely has game.

I know I didn’t get to everyone, but I think this is a great cast.  There is a lot of talent and everyone has serious game.  I am looking forward to the rest of the season and seeing who wins it all.  Good luck to everybody!


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