What’s Your Favorite Club

As I write this after finishing my 35th straight day of work, I am going a little stir crazy.  At least they haven’t all been full days and I have been able to squeeze in three rounds of golf during that time.  That being said, I didn’t have time for a long post this week, but I still think it’s a good one.

In short, what is your favorite club?  A lot of thought can go into such a small question.  It depends on what criteria you use.  Does the particular club share some type of sentimental value, did it strike a hole-in-one, is it your best performing club?  I figured I would go through some of my favorites based on different criteria.  I also want to hear your favorites, so let me know in the comments!

Sentimental Value: This would have to be my three wood.  It is a Callaway Steelhead III and it has been in my bag for well over 10 years.  I am in trouble when I have to get something new since nothing has compared to it in club testing.

Memorable Shots: This would have to be the three iron.  While not struck with my current three iron, my only hole-in-one came with this club.  I can’t think of a better memorable shot than the glorious ace.

Best Performing: This would have to be the putter.  I have always believed that my putting is the best part of my game.  It always give me a rush to make putts, even more so that hitting a big drive.  I am also very loyal to putters.  I have had four in over 20 years of playing.  Two of those were in the bag for less than a year.

Keep hitting them straight and enjoy your time out on the course!


13 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Club

  1. Always love assessment-type posts like this. My favourite club is a Ping G10 18* hybrid. I just don’t miss with it. Memorable shots? I can recall two flush and pure iron shots over the past 3 years but when I was 12 I almost aced a par 3, missed by 6 inches. Best performing club? My putter is improving for sure, it’s the only putter that has lived more than one season in some time. My 3 wood is so good off the tee for me that friends wonder why I even carry a driver. Maybe I need to listen to them more. Thanks for the post!


  2. Jimmy,

    I’m going to bail out on this question and say, whichever club I’m about to use is my favourite 🙂

    Having said that, I just love wedges. Mostly because they are some of the most important tools in a golfers toolbox and if you don’t learn to love them, it would be terribly difficult to score well consistently.

    Good question!


  3. Aloha Jimmy,
    Whoa, you’ve got me thinking Big Guy. I believe my favorite is the putter. It’s my big heavy putter that seals the deal (or doesn’t). I can screw up after a great shot with all the other clubs, but a great putt goes directly on the card.
    A Hui Hou,

  4. i have to say an old Taylor Made pitching wedge (I just love pitch shots in general) that was given to me by a friend when i was toying with the idea of golfing several years ago…. and a RAM putter (simple black blade) that just feels great and strikes the ball true. Funny thing is i bought that putter at a Goodwill Store for $3 and I just love it. I just got a Ping Anser putter and I’m still debating if it’s really worth $200 more (but I requested 34″ instead of the usual 35″ and I think i need to get used to the new length – otherwise I may lengthen it). Probably more of a response than you bargained for but thanks for the question ma’ man. Keep ’em comin’ Cheers!!

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