Golf Ball Collections

A lot of golfers will relate to the post this week.  Many players have golf ball collections somewhere in their homes or offices.  I am definitely in that category.  Hopefully mine is not yet complete.  I don’t always get a ball at Top 100 courses, but my collection has some.  Other balls have a special story.  I figured I would share a few from my collection with you.

Golf Ball Collection

You will see a couple novelty balls in here.  Those are just place holders for now.  The Top 100 balls that are present include Pete Dye Golf Club, Caledonia, The Ocean Course at Kiawah, Shadow Creek, Scioto, Pinehurst #2, Cog Hill #4, Olympia Fields (North), and The Dunes.

The other balls have stories.  The one on the top left is my hole in one ball!  I treasure that one and it is in the number one position.  The signed ball next to it is from a pro-junior tournament I played in eighth grade.  Our pro was Gary Christian and he couldn’t have been nicer.  The signed ball on the second row came from Dave Stockton Jr. at the corporate event I got to play at Olympia Fields this past September.

You will have to forgive the Yankees ball in there.  That is my wife’s and frankly this Red Sox fan cannot stand to look at it!  I do have my own personalized ball two to the right of it that has “Laser Show” on it to show a little Boston love with Dustin Pedroia’s nickname.

So what balls are in your collection?  What do they mean to you?  I hope you keep adding to your trophy cases!


2 thoughts on “Golf Ball Collections

  1. Great post. I currenlty have 3 racks full, with 2 more waiting to be filled up. I don’t collect any novelty balls, just balls from courses i have played. The only novelty ball i have is from my wedding, we did golf balls with husband and wife silhouette and date of wedding on them as table gifts to our guests. Ball with most significance is from course i grew up playing which went out of business and land turned into a walmart in 2000 or so.

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