People You Have Met Through Golf

Last week I went over some of the less than great people to play golf with.  This time I wanted to see who you like to play with.

I have met some really good people playing at my childhood course, in New Hampshire during summers, and at my new country club.  What makes a good golf partner is basically the same thing as what makes a good friend.  They are considerate, funny, and generally fun to be around.  Some things they need that a normal friend might not are a disdain for slow play and a love of competition (not too much though).

What makes for a good golf partner to you?  Who are some of the good ones you have met at the course?


5 thoughts on “People You Have Met Through Golf

  1. Jimmy,

    Anyone who is positive and has good etiquette is okay with me. I enjoy some stimulating conversation or friendly banter, but I also don’t like it when someone won’t stop talking. And, of course, they keep up with play! That falls under good etiquette though.


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