The Healthy Golfer

This book, written by Dr. Philip Maffetone, focuses on multiple aspects of living a healthier golf life.  The chapters cover topics such as proper golf shoes, the benefits of walking, muscle imbalance, injuries, water management, and what to eat.

The book is very easy to read and not incredibly academic in its style.  The chapters are short and give you only the information you need with no fluff.  Another great feature is the appendices in the back of the book.  They expound on some topics throughout the book for future reference.  This allowed the chapters to which they relate to stay short and readable.

I didn’t agree with everything in the book, but there was a lot of great stuff.  I agree with the benefits of walking and wish I could do it more often.  Unfortunately our course doesn’t allow it on Saturday mornings which is when I play most of my rounds.  It’s also tough to walk when it is in the upper 90’s during our summers.  I will try and do better though.

The book also reinforced my belief in True Linkswear shoes.  The amount of discomfort that comes from over-engineered shoes causes ripple effects up and down the body.  Now if only the Trues were not so low-profile that my pants dragged along the ground.  I’ve go to go see the tailor!


3 thoughts on “The Healthy Golfer

  1. When I played Wilmington Muni last month, I played with an 86 year-old guy. He was quite surprised to see me walking, and told me how impressed he was with me. He made some comment about how all these young guys who are able-bodied still take carts and don’t get the full benefit of the exercise walking a golf course can give. Even though his mind wasn’t quite all there, he was using a push cart and looked damn good for 86.

    Unless I’m playing a quick 9 with my girls (5 & 3), I’m walking. Recently, I’ve been questioning my sanity on that decision with heat indexes close to 100. On the other hand, I’m thankful to belong to a club that allows walking at any time. The guys who aren’t huffing it or using a push cart are using remote controlled bag carriers, like Kangaroo.

    Also, you can call me a True Linkswear brand advocate, because I promote them any chance I can. I went through multiple brands of shoes (FootJoy, Adidas, etc.) and never found a shoe that wouldn’t make my feet hurt like crazy after 18. After one round with TL shoes, I bought two more pair. I can walk all day in those things and still feel great. Combine those with Kentwool socks and you’re golden!

    1. Nice Criss! That is the one complaint I have with my club. We can’t walk on Saturday mornings. I love TL as well. Sometimes I get a little pain in the bottom of my feet, but that’s it. Would definitely like to walk more!

  2. Jimmy,

    Sounds like an interesting book, I will add it to the list. Whether the ideas in this book all work for everyone or not would obviously be up for debate, the general theme of striving to be a healthy (healthier) golfer would likely benefit almost everyone! I do prefer walking when it is feasible to do so.


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