2016 New Hampshire Trip Report

I try to get up and see the family when I can.  This year it would include four rounds of golf.  Three of which I took pictures during the round.  So coming up you will see Wentworth By The Sea Country Club, Boston Golf Club, and Taconic Golf Club.

It’s a long trip up to New Hampshire, but one I have done plenty of times.  You can’t go wrong with most things in the Granite State, but I will give a couple of recommendations.  The lobster roll at River House in Portsmouth was awesome.  In addition, just down the street Annabelle’s has some really good ice cream.  It’s cash only so be prepared.

We got to go a Red Sox game at the classic Fenway Park.  I have been almost 10 times, but it never gets old.  If you find yourself in the area and the boys are in town do yourself a favor and get tickets.  You can go by the Bleacher Bar or Cask & Flagon for food/drink before the game.  Keep in mind that they will be crowded so get there early.

Course tours to come starting next week!


4 thoughts on “2016 New Hampshire Trip Report

  1. Jimmy,
    As a lifelong New Englander I love seeing others perspective on my ‘neighborhood’. I also want to see if I have played any of the courses you visited. Looking forward to the course reviews.


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