The Glen Club

The Glen Club – Played October 2016

  • Rankings: Golf Magazine Public #72
  • Location: 2901 West Lake Avenue, Glenview, Illinois
  • Year: 2001
  • Architect: Tom Fazio
  • Course Access: Public
  • Walking Rules: Carts Available

Score Card Information:

  • Gold: 7,186 yards, Par 72, 75.4 Rating/142 Slope
  • Blue: 6,727 yards, Par 72, 72.8 Rating/135 Slope
  • Silver: 6,062 yards, Par 72, 70.2 Rating/128 Slope (Men’s), 76.1 Rating/138 Slope (Women’s)
  • Red: 5,324 yards, Par 72, 72.0 Rating/129 Slope

I needed a good night’s sleep after playing Butler National.  Luckily, I got it and was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for The Glen Club the next morning.  It was chilly, but I can brave a little cold for a great golf course.

The Glen Club has an interesting story regarding its construction.  It used to be a Naval Air Base with a total difference in elevation a whopping three feet.  It is not like that now!  There are some holes with 40 feet of elevation change.  Tom Fazio was a perfect choice to sculpt the land.

The club features a hotel and other amenities right on the property just outside of Chicago.  It is a great piece of property.  I was happy to play the course a few days before the Cubs won the World Series.  They were flying the W in the parking lot for sure!

tgc-1-1We chose to play the blue tees so all yardages are from there.  Enjoy!

Hole 1 – 543 yards – Par 5

Fazio starts you off with a long hole that is difficult for most to reach in two.  Luckily, the fairway is quite wide for those first tee jitters.

tgc-1-2After a layup you will be faced with this uphill approach to a large green.  Be careful not to spin it off the front as it will gain speed down the hill.


tgc-1-4Hole 2 – 397 yards – Par 4

This tee shot plays down the hill providing an opportunity for a longer drive.  The bunkers up the left side are in play.

tgc-2-1The only trouble on the approach is the sand to the right.  The margin for error is quite large on this hole.


tgc-2-3Hole 3 – 453 yards – Par 4

A big drive is needed on this dogleg to the right.  It is obvious to avoid the cluster of bunker, but not as easy when you are trying to rip a driver.

tgc-3-1No reprieve is given on the approach as you still have to go uphill to the green fronted by a very deep bunker.

tgc-3-2Once on the green, the subtle contouring makes putting to certain pin positions interesting.

tgc-3-3Hole 4 – 139 yards – Par 3

I really liked the optics of this hole.  It is tucked into this little area and surrounded by the low-slung trees.  You have no more than a short iron and you feel as if you can make birdie here.

tgc-4-1The green is quite narrow in the front, but widens up once you get to the midway point.

tgc-4-2Hole 5 – 565 yards – Par 5

This is a long and tough hole that most will not be able to reach in two.  The trees on the right are in play so the drive must be aimed properly.

tgc-5-1The water is definitely a factor when going at the green as short and left are dead.  There is a generous area to the right to bail out if needed.


tgc-5-3Hole 6 – 410 yards – Par 4

This is a difficult tee shot with trouble on both sides.  The fairway runs out much quicker on the left than it appears.  A great line is to take it over the tree seen straightaway.

tgc-6-1This is the view from the left rough.

tgc-6-2Here is a look at the green.

tgc-6-3Hole 7 – 458 yards – Par 4

This long hole requires a power fade off the tee due to the trees seen here.

tgc-7-1The second shot plays uphill to a large green guarded by plenty of sand.


tgc-7-3Hole 8 – 339 yards – Par 4

This hole gives you lots of options off the tee.  Long hitters can go for the green, but a bail out is offered to the fairway for average length players.

tgc-8-1The second shot has some peril with the water fronting the green.  Well struck shots should not encounter any trouble.

tgc-8-2The green has some great internal sloping.  Putting difficulty varies greatly with pin position.

tgc-8-3Hole 9 – 191 yards – Par 3

The challenge is right in front of you on this hole.  The green is very large commensurate with the length.  A fade works best to avoid the front bunker.

tgc-9-1Hole 10 – 302 yards – Par 4

I love a short par 4.  A drive up the right side is the best line if going for the green.


tgc-10-2There is a lot of slope towards the back of the green where this flag is located.  Putts going across the green will be tough to gauge speed.

tgc-10-3Hole 11 – 202 yards – Par 3

This hole plays long with all the trouble to the left.  Bunkers can save some indifferent pulls, but wayward shots to the left will most likely end up wet.


tgc-11-2Hole 12 – 395 yards – Par 4

The tee shot is wide open on this dogleg left.  You can swing freely.

tgc-12-1The approach shot is visually interesting with sand and trees all around.


tgc-12-3Hole 13 – 341 yards – Par 4

So far you have probably seen that most of the fairways are well framed by the rough.  The drive should be taken left of the bunker.

tgc-13-1The approach is to a green that is quite sloped.


tgc-13-3Hole 14 – 503 yards – Par 5

I really liked this hole.  The drive is best played up the left side of the fairway.  A good drive can allow you to get home in two.

tgc-14-1The second shot plays to a green bracketed by plenty of trees.


tgc-14-3The green is seen below.

tgc-14-4Hole 15 – 336 yards – Par 4

This tee shot can be difficult depending on how long you want to hit it.  A simple shot of 200 yards will leave you in great position.

tgc-15-1The approach is to a green open in front.


tgc-15-3Hole 16 – 409 yards – Par 4

The 16th is a long and uphill hole.  The bunker seen here is very much in play.

tgc-16-1The approach plays uphill as I mentioned.

tgc-16-2Hole 17 – 183 yards – Par 3

The last short hole is a great one.  There is a bailout to the right as you can see, but plenty of trouble everywhere else.  Beware of the miss left.


tgc-17-2There a great deal of undulation from back to front.  The shot I had below broke quite a bit to the left.

tgc-17-3Hole 18 – 561 yards – Par 5

The Glen Club is not going to give you an easy test on your last hole of the day.  Instead you get a long par 5 that is not reachable for most players.  The clubhouse is a good aiming point.


tgc-18-2Here is a look at the second shot.

tgc-18-3The approach from this angle is very daunting.  It plays over water and sand.  On this cold day it was a long shot.  I would suspect in the summer the third shot would be from much further left.

tgc-18-4Here is the shorter approach one might face.

tgc-18-5And a look at the green.

tgc-18-6Despite the cold temperatures, I had a great time playing at The Glen Club.  It’s always fun to see new courses and play them with a friend.  Chicago has a lot to offer for public golf.  I have only scratched the surface and can’t wait to get back.

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