The Broadmoor Golf Club (East)

The Broadmoor Golf Club (East) – Played June 2017

  • Rankings: Golf Digest Public #29, Golf Magazine Public #70
  • Location: 1 Lake Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Year: 1918
  • Architect: Donald Ross & Robert Trent Jones
  • Course Access: Resort
  • Walking Rules: Carts Available

Score Card Information:

  • Blue: 7,355 yards, Par 72, 72.7 Rating/139 Slope
  • White: 6,651 yards, Par 72, 70.4 Rating/132 Slope (Men’s), 76.7 Rating/153 Slope (Women’s)
  • Combo: 6,154 yards, Par 72, 68.2 Rating/127 Slope
  • Gold: 5,840 yards, Par 72, 67.2 Rating/126 Slope (Men’s), 73.2 Rating/146 Slope (Women’s)
  • Red: 5,738 yards, Par 72, 72.3 Rating/144 Slope

My last round of the trip was at the world famous venue The Broadmoor.  This resort has been recognized for many years as one of the best in the world.  The property has 54 holes of golf to go along with the five star amenities.  Below is the view of the hotel when I pulled up.

I recommend you do some reading about the history of the resort as it is quite rich.

Below is another angle from the putting green.

Below is the expansive range.

The resort has hosted some of the biggest events in golf.  They will host the 2018 US Senior Open as well.  You can tell from the list below that heavy hitters have prevailed here.

And here is a look at the tee markers.

My list has the East course ranked so that is the one I played.  The 18 has an interesting history of architects.  Holes 1-6 and 16-18 where conceived by Donald Ross.  Robert Trent Jones was responsible for 7-15.  I didn’t notice a huge split when I played them, but I imagine some architecture buffs might.

All distances are from the white tees.

Hole 1 – 381 yards – Par 4

The first tee shot is pretty open despite the trees.  The one on the right is really close and not in play.  Stay away from the fairway bunker up the left.

The approach plays uphill to a green that is open in the front.

Hole 2 – 334 yards – Par 4

This uphill hole plays to a semi-blind landing area.  You have plenty of options on club selection.

Another uphill approach shot.

The green has a massive hump on its left side, which you can see below.  Other than that it is quite flat.

Hole 3 – 554 yards – Par 5

Below you can see the past championship pedigree of the course.

This was a fun hole probably because it was so downhill.  It bends to the right as you get around the trees.  On a clear day I bet this view is spectacular.

The second shot forces you into a decision.  It is almost all carry to avoid the water.

You can see below that there is a sliver of land if your approach comes up short.  This is a small green that intends for you to be coming in with wedges.

Hole 4 – 145 yards – Par 3

Loved this hole and that’s why I went all Instagram with the photo below.  I love a good rock/stone wall.  It was breezy on this day so club selection was tough.

Here’s the “realistic” view.  Still awesome.

The green is pretty large with run offs on multiple sides.

Hole 5 – 405 yards – Par 4

There is no trickeration on this hole as the challenge is out in front of you.  The fairway is pretty generous so go ahead and bust driver.

The approach plays over a bunker to a smallish green.

Hole 6 – 366 yards – Par 4

This slight dogleg left puts you in decision mode.  How far left do you want to go and what club do you want to hit?

The approach plays uphill to a heavily guarded green.  Precision is a must here.

I’m not sure what this building is, but it sits on a pond next to the fairway in the middle of the golf course.  If it’s a lodging option this would be awesome for a buddies trip.

Below is the green with subtle contours.

Hole 7 – 468 yards – Par 5

This is a prime birdie opportunity at this yardage and elevation.  The slight bend is to the left.  If you have a draw put it to use here.

Here is a look at the second shot.  The bunker only guards part of the green so you can run a shot up on the green.

This is a massive green.  You can see the slopes throughout the putting surface.

Hole 8 – 145 yards – Par 3

This one is a short one, but it is all carry.  There is plenty of room on the green and to the left of this flag.  You don’t want to miss right.

The green has a big ridge going through it.

In the middle of this hill is some kind of chapel I believe.  Once again, I didn’t do my best research and I was playing as a single.  Whatever it is, it has a cool setting and an awesome view.

Hole 9 – 476 yards – Par 5

It looks like you’re hitting over a cliff from this tee.  The best line is keeping it up the left side.  You will get some roll here if you keep it in the fairway.

As you get around the corner the hole veers left and plays to a green past a water hazard.

Below is a look at the green.

Hole 10 – 455 yards – Par 4

Long and tough hole here.  At least it plays downhill.  A powerful draw will set up the best approach.

The downhill theme continues into the green.  It is open in front, which it the preferred area to miss.  Shots over the green will be difficult.

Great views out here.

Here’s a closer look at the green.

Hole 11 – 377 yards – Par 4

I thought this was one of the few bland holes on the course.  Hit two solid shots and not much else is needed.

The green has some contours and is the best part of this hole.

Hole 12 – 198 yards – Par 3

Alright, we’re back into it.  This challenging one-shotter plays slightly downhill.  You need good distance control here to avoid the four bunkers short of the green.  As you can see, there is a small sliver of grass short as well.

Great green here with interesting slopes.  You will be challenged to hole one here.

Hole 13 – 466 yards – Par 4

We had some easy par fives on the front, but as you can see below there are some brutish par fours on the back.  This dogleg right presents you with a wide fairway.  You want to take the short route up the right side to have the shortest approach.

Nothing fancy on the second shot.  It’s long and in front of you.

I liked this view from behind the green.

Hole 14 – 404 yards – Par 4

There’s no let up here.  Step up and hit a long drive.

The slope in front of the green will repel shots that come up short.

Hole 15 – 397 yards – Par 4

The strategy here is simple.  Split the fairway bunkers and you will be in good shape for the approach.  This should be a birdie opportunity.

The slightly elevated green is guarded by plenty of sand.  A good drive will leave you with a short iron into the green.

Below is a closer look at the green.

You don’t want to go long as you may have to deal with a recovery shot from the pine straw.

Hole 16 – 172 yards – Par 3

The tee here is elevated from the green.  If you can avoid the bunker it should be an easy par.

The green looks a lot smaller once you get down to it.

Hole 17 – 525 yards – Par 5

This one is long and straight, just like your drive needs to be.  It rolls slightly downhill.

Here is a view from a typical third shot distance.

The hotel looms in the background of this close up of the green.

Hole 18 – 383 yards – Par 4

The final hole is not the most difficult, but still fun.  I went with three wood for precision.  Keep the ball up the left side to stay away from the deep fairway bunkers on the right.

The green is quite open on the approach.  Be careful though because anything with a lot of spin could come right back off the green.

Here’s the view from behind the green.

There is nothing flashy about the Broadmoor’s course.  I don’t mean that as a negative at all.  The course is extremely solid.  The greens were honestly some of the best conditioned I have ever putted on.  If you read it right it was going in!  It is going to be a great test for the seniors next summer.

The views surrounding the course were wonderful.  As you can also tell the hotel is top class.  If you can make this trip.  The golf is well worth it.  While I didn’t stay in the hotel, I can only imagine how nice it is to stay there.  I had a phenomenal time experiencing the Broadmoor.  Consider me a huge fan of golf in Colorado!

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