Nebraska/Colorado Trip Recap

I initially started some trip recaps/roundups earlier in this site’s life, but I want to get back to them.  I’m going to workshop these for a bit and play around with the format, so don’t expect uniformity for a while.

Let me know your thoughts on these.  What do you want to see more of?  Less of? Formatting?  Let your voice be heard in the comments.


The wife was on a girls trip with her mom and aunt in the summer of 2017 and I wasn’t invited.  So I decided I would drive, yes you heard me right, to Nebraska and Colorado to play some golf in places I’d never been.


  • I am pretty simple when it comes to food if I’m flying solo.  I won’t seek out the best places because I want to enjoy those with my wife.
  • That being said the food at Ballyneal was spot on.  It was second only to the hospitality I felt from everyone on staff who couldn’t have been better.


  • I don’t remember his name, but had a great bartender at Fossil Trace who was just the right amount of talkative without being bothersome.  Really enjoyed my time there.


  • Got to play Fossil Trace with two employees who were great guys.  The shepherded me around the course and gave me good spots to take pictures.
  • I won’t remember much of the non-golf portions of this trip because I didn’t do much, but it was very peaceful with all the golf I got to play and the the beautiful drives through the middle of the country.

2 thoughts on “Nebraska/Colorado Trip Recap

  1. You’re hitting on a lot of things I like here…long car trip…new golf courses…meeting new people over a round…experiencing some great hospitality.

    Awesome trip and thanks for sharing! I love the reflective pieces with inside tips for anyone traveling to experience places like that.

    Cheers, Mike

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